God Causes Three Super-Amazing Miracles on the Set of ‘The Bible’

Guys! Thanks to the crack reporting/content repurposing of Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, we now know that gen-yoo-ine miracles occurred during the production of the History Channel’s Bible docu-drama-thing.

Allow me to round them up for you: [Read more...]

What a New Pope Means for Atheists

Yesterday, the papal conclave elected a new leader for its crumbling, obsolete, and hateful syndicate.

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Will the New Pope ‘Collapse’ the Catholic Church?

Rather than immediately rushing to analyze Pope Francisviews regarding homosexuality — as if they should be any surprise — I have found it illuminating to follow the commentary of traditionalist Catholics on today’s events.

Michael Brendan Dougherty, writing in Slate, has a quite dour appraisal: [Read more...]

New Pope, Same Old Homophobia

White smoke finally billowed over Vatican City today to announce that¬†Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been selected as the new Pope.

There’s already a bit of controversy surrounding his election. As the first Latin-American Pope, Bergoglio honored his Italian and Argentinian heritage by choosing for himself the name Pope Francis I, rather than taking the name Benedict from his predecessor. Some say the name change may¬†signal a “new chapter” for the Catholic Church.

But gay rights advocates say there’s nothing new about this Pope’s attitudes toward LGBT people. [Read more...]

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected Pope: What Does It Mean For The Catholic Church?

Habemus Papem! While virtually all the papabili who went into conclave as potential popes came out as cardinals, one minor candidate — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires — has become the newest leader of the 2,000-year-old Catholic Church.

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