Pat Robertson: Most Transgender People Are Frauds

LGBT issues expert Pat Robertson is convinced that, while they may be a handful of transgender people out there, most of them are frauds.

He then pointed to a scientific study to back this up. He pulled that idea straight out of his ass.


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Indiana Woman Expected To Give Birth To Healthy Crucifix

Most expecting parents probably don’t want to see any imaging anomalies on the ultrasound of their unborn baby. But when just that happened to Indiana mom-to-be Aley Meyer, she was moved and delighted, as she interprets the picture as a thumbs-up sign from God.


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Disabled Daughter of U.S. Faith Healers Wants to See Her Parents Prosecuted

Mariah Walton was born with a small hole in her heart. It could have been fixed with a relatively low-risk procedure when she was still a child, but her parents, devout Mormons, did nothing. They believed that through acts of faith, including lots of prayer, God would heal Mariah.

It’s an odd position, considering that, in their world, the Almighty created her, birth defect and all. Why would you beseech God, who is supposedly omniscient and has the perfect plan for everything and everyone in the cosmos, to undo what He knowingly created?

But that’s mere logic, and logic isn’t something that holds sway over most believers.

For some unfathomable reason, praying did nothing for Mariah (pictured). Now, at 20 years, her health is as bad as it’s ever been. She’s permanently disabled with pulmonary hypertension. A respirator and an oxygen tank go everywhere she does.


Mariah left home two years ago, and ultimately decided she wants her mother and father to get their comeuppance:

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Why is a Florida School District Giving a Christian with a Criminal Past Ample Access to Kids?

For all the talk about public high school coaches who think it’s their job to convert players to Christianity, we sometimes forget that some teams even have their own chaplains. They may be unofficial, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all illegal.

That’s why what’s happening at in the Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida) is so disturbing. Not only is there a chaplain who goes around preaching to anyone and everyone, the story just gets worse the more you learn about it.


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While We’re Adding Harriet Tubman to the $20, Let’s Remove “In God We Trust” from the Currency

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is set to announce that Harriet Tubman will soon grace the $20 bill, replacing former President Andrew Jackson.

That’s a wonderful change — it’s a long time coming — but if we’re already remaking the $20, why not go one step further?

Let’s get rid of “In God We Trust,” too.


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