Guess Which 80s TV Star Appears in This New Christian Film? No, Not That One…

Liberty Counsel, the Christian group that flips out when anyone says “Happy Holidays,” just released the trailer for its first film. (Yep, they make films now.)

It features a washed-up actor from the ’80s, a plotline with evil secular educators, and angsty Christian youth ready to reclaim their faith. In other words, this is exactly like every Christian movie you’ve (n)ever seen…

I guess Kirk Cameron was unavailable, though, so they got Erik Estrada:

The film is called “Uncommon“:

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Center For Inquiry Launches Digital Billboard in Times Square: ‘Millions Show Love and Gratitude Without God’

Today, the Center For Inquiry launched an ad campaign in New York City’s Times Square reminding everyone that atheists, too, can take part in this season of gratitude and giving.

The 15-second (silent) video ad includes the message: “Millions show love and gratitude without God” and features a mother hugging her daughter.

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Guess Who Altered the Wikipedia Page of an Evolution-Denying Congressman…?

In January of 2011, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) went on Real Time with Bill Maher and proudly admitted he didn’t accept evolution or climate change:

Based on what he said, he clearly didn’t understand evolution or climate change, either. (“I believe I came from God, not from a monkey.”)

I bring this up now because Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski discovered a change in Kingston’s Wikipedia page made over the summer. The section stating that Kingston was an evolution and climate change denier was scrubbed:

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South Carolina County’s Churches Demand to Be ‘Protected’ From Bars

“An outrage,” pastor John Culp calls it.

“It doesn’t offer any protection!” moral-panics his colleague Dick Lincoln.

Why are religious officials in Richland County, South Carolina fuming? They’re up in arms over the county’s proposal to do away with restrictions stipulating that bars have to be at least 600 feet from the nearest church.

The change would allow bars to open next door to congregations in some unincorporated areas if a majority of the 11 council members end the minimum 600-foot setback — slightly more than a tenth of a mile.

It is aimed at “storefront churches” that are popping up increasingly in traditional business locations like strip malls and near warehouses, said Councilman Norman Jackson of Lower Richland, who proposed the change. That is creating unintended limits on where bars can locate, Jackson said.

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Can Corporations Have Religious Beliefs? The Supreme Court Will Soon Answer That Question

A new challenge to the Affordable Care Act is the latest sign that some religious people, with all the power and privilege they already have, just want more.

When the ACA went into effect, it exempted religious organizations from having to fulfill the contraceptive requirement. In other words, if you were a pastor of a large church, you didn’t have to provide your employees with birth control if it went against your religious “conscience.”

The ACA did not offer the same exemption to public, for-profit companies owned by religious people — as well it shouldn’t have. Just because the owner of a huge company like, say, Hobby Lobby, is an evangelical Christian, should he be able to withhold contraception from those who work for him?

Right now, the answer is no. But yesterday, the Supreme Court announced it would hear challenges to that rule.

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