After Atheist/Satanist Book Giveaway, Some Christians Get That It Was About Equal Treatment

Following yesterday’s distribution of Satanic coloring books and atheist literature at Delta Middle School (and a local high school) in Colorado, it’s worth mentioning what the other side had to say about it.


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The Baby Never Stops Crying

In my latest piece for Cosmo, I explain all the reasons my baby cries.

Turns out hunger, diaper, and sleep are only the beginning.


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The Battle Over What Students Should Be Taught in Their Math Classes Rages On

Following up on what I wrote a couple of weeks ago, there’s still a lot of debate among the math educators I know about Professor Andrew Hacker‘s new book The Math Myth.


Hacker doesn’t think we should burden kids with algebra and higher-level math classes in high school because most won’t use it later in life. He’d prefer teachers stick to the basics, the things you need to know to do your taxes and plan a budget and… basically all the things computers can already do. Only students who need to specialize in math for their careers, he says, ought to take classes like trigonometry and calculus.

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Ken Ham: If Non-Stick Frying Pans Existed in Ancient Times, Noah’s Ark Totally Makes Sense

I was seriously ready to tip my hat to Creationist Ken Ham for pulling a fast one over all of us.

He has to know that atheists read what he says, and he must have decided, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I said something really crazy? Those atheists would believe it because they’re not real skeptics, and I’d have a good laugh at their expense.”

That had to be the reason for this tweet:


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This Is Perhaps the Finest Humanistic Text In Existence — and Chances Are You’ve Never Read It

A couple of days ago, I casually mentioned the Hippocratic Oath, and it occurred to me that while I knew what it says in general terms, I’d never actually read the whole thing (kinda like most politicians and the Constitution, or most Christians and the Bible).

So out of curiosity, I looked it up — and I was floored. Seriously: this is the most inspiring and beautiful text I’ve read it all year. Much love and admiration are due to every doctor — and every nurse — who truly practices according to these principles.

It even mentions God… in a fully appropriate, non-cringe-inducing way.


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