Who’s Publishing the ‘Least Credible History Book in Print’?

We should all celebrate the two year anniversary of the release of pseudohistorian David Barton‘s book The Jefferson Lies, which was pulled from the shelves by his Christian publishers for containing too many lies, by reading Chris Rodda‘s wonderful summary of what’s happened since then.

And when you’re done trying to make sense of whatever Barton is doing, read Rodda’s rebuttal book for free right here.

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Catholic Church Refuses to Sell Former Den of Pedophile Vice to Same-Sex Couple… For Fear of ‘Gay Weddings’

In 2012, a married couple from Massachusetts, Alain Beret and James Fairbanks, came across a for-sale 44-room mansion in Northridge that they decided they wanted to buy and turn into a hotel. The seller was the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.

The negotiations seemed to go well until the padres began to imagine what Fairbanks and Beret might do with the place. Would they perhaps (shudder) have gay weddings there? The very thought was too much, so the diocese instructed its real-estate broker to politely tell Fairbanks and Beret to buzz off.

The reason behind the refusal might have never come to light if not for a dumb mistake by the broker. When she emailed the prospective buyers, she inadvertently sent along the message from Monsignor Thomas Sullivan to her.

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What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Would’ve Said Upon Receiving An Honorary Doctorate from Brandeis University

The Wall Street Journal has printed an abridged version of what Ayaan Hirsi Ali would’ve said upon receiving an honorary doctorate from Brandeis University… before they rescinded that offer after discovering (!) she’s a strong critic of Islam.

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Bible Society Relabels ‘Antagonists’ As ‘Skeptics’; Hardcore Doubters Are Now As Numerous As True Bible Lovers

People who dismiss the Bible as just a bunch of man-made stories are now as numerous as those who are so enamored of the Good Book that they read it at least four times a week:

The number of Americans who read Scripture at least four times a week and believe that it is the inspired word of God has fallen to just under 1 in 5, according to new research from the American Bible Society (ABS).

The same percentage of Americans (19 percent) are now “antagonistic” toward the Bible, reading it less than once per month and believing it is a book of teachings written by men that contain stories and advice.

“Antagonistic” is a loaded descriptor, something the ABS belatedly realized. So after their initial release, earlier this week, the survey results were recast as follows, according to Christianity Today:

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Best Protest Ever: Students Walk Out During Anti-Gay Lecture, Leaving Room All but Empty

On Wednesday, anti-gay-rights activist and hate-group leader Peter LaBarbera spoke at Sinclair Community College in Ohio about “What ‘Gay’ Activists Don’t Want You to Know” (Yep — he put the word “gay” in quotation marks).

But the students were ready for him. They didn’t scream or yell or protest in the traditional ways.

Instead, they filled the room to listen to his lecture… and then walked out right after he started speaking, turning a packed house into a roomful of crickets.

Kate Geiselman was there and took these priceless before and after shots:

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