First Legally Sanctioned Pastafarian Wedding Takes Place in New Zealand

Four months after New Zealand ruled that representatives of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster were legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies, and two months after Karen Martyn became the first official Pastafarian celebrant (a.k.a. a “ministeroni”), there has finally been a legally sanctioned Pastafarian wedding:


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Do Your Parents Feel Like Failures Because You Left Their Faith?

How many of your parents are ashamed because you’re no longer religious, as if they did something wrong with you?

This showed up on PostSecret today:


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Atheists Might Pay Attention Around Jesus #4

What would happen if new Jesuses came out of the tomb every three days because God wasn’t paying attention…?


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Conservative Speaker: If You Invite Gay People to Dinner, They Won’t Need Marriage Equality

Ryan Anderson, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, is one of those “compassionate conservatives” you always hear about but never actually meet. He puts a friendlier face on awful policy ideas.

At a recent anti-abortion conference, for example, he talked about the need for crisis pregnancy centers to help women seeking abortions. (I’m going to assume he didn’t mention how those centers frequently mislead women with unscientific, untrue information.)

Then, he pivoted to homosexuality. What would compassion look like in that situation?

Apparently, it means having gay people over for dinner. Because if they know there are people who truly care about them, there won’t be any need for marriage equality.


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Stonehenge Was the Work of Satan’s Army of Giants, Says Christian Who Somehow Has a Ph.D.

The mystery of Stonehenge is finally over. We know who built it.

Satanic giants.

At least that’s what Dr. Dennis Lindsay said this week on televangelist Jim Bakker‘s show:


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