Right Now, There’s an Upside-Down Butt Plugged Jesus in Front of Pompano Beach (FL) City Hall

If you walk by Pompano Beach City Hall in Florida right now, you’ll now see this not-so-family-friendly display:


That upside-down cross comes courtesy of Chaz Stevens and his Church of Satanic Activism. He’s on a mission to troll every city that allows religious displays on government property in order to get them to change their policies.

Oh. And since it’s a little hard to tell from the image, you see that reddish-looking thing in Jesus’ nether regions? That would be a red butt plug sticking out of the display.

Because America. That’s why.

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Tickets Now Available for Connecticut Atheist Conference

On Saturday, April 2, I’ll be speaking at the Connecticut Assembly for Reason and Ethics (CARE) conference taking place at the Mark Twain House & Museum.


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The Universe is Out to Get Us

It turns out the end really is near. And the apocalypse has perfectly natural explanations.

Phil Torres has just released a new book all about our “evolving existential predicament” and how belief in religion is drawing us closer to our own extinction. It’s called The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us about the Apocalypse (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015):


In the excerpt below, Torres explains how our universe is out to get us:

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The Two Largest Producers of Atheist Audiobooks Have Merged

In news that will interest the handful of people who care about such things, the two major sellers of audiobooks for atheist audiences have announced a merger.

Before today, there were only two companies that produced and distributed audiobooks specifically by atheist authors. As opposed to major publishers, who might take that step for a mainstream book written by someone like Richard Dawkins, Atheist Audiobooks and Pitchstone Publishing have been producing that content for years now for atheist authors (myself included) who weren’t making audio versions of their content for whatever reason.


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It Looks Like a Nasty Case of The Donald


[Click image for full cartoon]

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