“Don’t Believe in God? You’re Not Alone!” Billboard Goes Up in Knoxville, Tennessee

If you’re in the Knoxville area, be on the lookout for this billboard which is scheduled to go up today:

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He May Want to Stop Walking on Water Then…

Seen in Daytona Beach, Florida:

(Thanks to Garman for the image)

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Nebraska Governor Issues “National Day of Reason” Proclamation

Get ready to see National Day of Reason proclamations issued by mayors and governors across the country.

First up this year, at the request of the Omaha Coalition of Reason, is a proclamation signed by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts:

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Once Again, Logic and Reason to the Rescue

Until now, I never considered this argument for why religion is wrong…

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Members of Metal Band Nightwish Explain Why They’re “Openly Secular”

Following in the footsteps of Rep. Barney Frank, Penn & Teller, Bill Maher and several others, members of the symphonic metal band Nightwish have recorded a video explaining why they’re “openly secular”:

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