These Islamic Lawyers Are Responsible for the Spike in Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Ever wonder why blasphemy charges are so prevalent in countries like Pakistan? Or what sort of depraved lawyers would dare to argue in court that people should be executed for a thoughtcrime?

Now we know:

An image on the group's Facebook page

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The Alphabet of Alternative Medicine

At Gizmodo, Bryan Menegus has an excellent “A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine” — which, let’s admit, is a redundant title. As the joke goes, what do you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Still, it’s a lengthy list of things way too many people believe are miracle cures.

I won’t even tell you what this woman’s drinking:


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A New Documentary Will Show the Relationship Between a Famous Christian Pastor and His Atheist Son

Last year, I had the chance to talk to former evangelical preacher (and current Humanist chaplain) Bart Campolo — and it was a fascinating conversation about how atheists perceive death and how Bart parted ways with his famously Christian father Tony.

Bart is one of those guys whose personal story and message of hope (yes, even for atheists) really needs to be shared.

That’s why I’m so excited that a filmmaker has been working on a documentary about the father and son. You can see the trailer below:


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Ted Cruz: One More Liberal Supreme Court Justice Will Lead to the Imprisonment of Christians

Ted Cruz has never been one to shy away from religious pandering or fear-mongering, but during his speech at CPAC last week, he took Persecution Express all the way to Paranoia Town.

Explaining his case for himself, Cruz issued a dire warning about what might happen without a Cruz presidency. Naturally, it involves Christian persecution, because the gubment’s going to throw Christians in prison if Cruz isn’t there to save ‘Merika from a liberal justice sitting on the Supreme Court. (And, before you ask, no, Donald Trump can’t save us. He’s disqualified for using the ‘c’ word: compromise).


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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Once Wrote of Her Disdain for Gay “Degenerates” Who Died of AIDS

Last year, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appointed Rebecca Bradley to temporarily fill a Supreme Court role vacated by deceased Justice N. Patrick Crooks; she is currently running for the full ten-year appointment.


Liberal group One Wisconsin Now has unearthed some writings from Bradley’s college days that reveal, frankly, her mortifying views on gay people and HIV patients.

The three student newspaper columns that OWN released included comments like the following:

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