So That’s the Difference…

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Maybe It’s a Good Thing So Many Christians Preach Creationism…

Last night, I had the chance to introduce and watch Richard Dawkins speak to a crowd at Northwestern University (with Jerry Coyne as his on-stage interviewer). I was expecting to hear Dawkins say a lot of things I’d heard before, but there were two particular ideas that I had to jot down because I’d never heard them put so elegantly.

The first came during a discussion over whether science and religion really had to be in a perpetual fight against each other.

Dawkins said (and I’m paraphrasing):

I kind of like, in a paradoxical way, that some people are brought up to believe that evolution is the enemy of religion.

Because it’s easy to prove that evolution is true.

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Is Barack Obama an Atheist?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses whether President Obama is secretly an atheist:

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How Many Frogs Were on Noah’s Ark? A Creationist Researcher Claims to Have An Answer

We know exactly how many frogs were on Noah’s Ark.


There were zero frogs.

Also, there were zero humans and zebras and giraffes because the Great Flood didn’t happen.

But that didn’t stop Tom Hennigan, a professor at (Christian) Truett-McConnell College, from speculating otherwise in the Creationist Answers Research Journal.

Most of his paper consists of descriptions of different kinds of frogs and whether or not they may have been on the boat, with summaries like this:

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Should Hobby Lobby Be Boycotted For Not Selling Hanukkah Supplies?

“We don’t cater to you people.”

That was the incendiary reply from a Hobby Lobby employee when a Jewish customer recently inquired about Hanukkah merchandise.

To be clear, the problem (to me) isn’t that the annoyingly Christian Hobby Lobby doesn’t stock Jewish paraphernalia. I’m pretty sure the 561-store chain doesn’t sell glittery pentagrams and cute Ramadan calendars, either. There’s no law that says a store owner has to cater to all demographics, religious or otherwise. (Think of it this way: If I were to open a craft store, as an atheist, wouldn’t I be well within my rights to decline selling decorative plastic crosses or scrapbooking supplies featuring angels?)

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