Ted Cruz: One More Liberal Supreme Court Justice Will Lead to the Imprisonment of Christians

Ted Cruz has never been one to shy away from religious pandering or fear-mongering, but during his speech at CPAC last week, he took Persecution Express all the way to Paranoia Town.

Explaining his case for himself, Cruz issued a dire warning about what might happen without a Cruz presidency. Naturally, it involves Christian persecution, because the gubment’s going to throw Christians in prison if Cruz isn’t there to save ‘Merika from a liberal justice sitting on the Supreme Court. (And, before you ask, no, Donald Trump can’t save us. He’s disqualified for using the ‘c’ word: compromise).


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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Once Wrote of Her Disdain for Gay “Degenerates” Who Died of AIDS

Last year, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appointed Rebecca Bradley to temporarily fill a Supreme Court role vacated by deceased Justice N. Patrick Crooks; she is currently running for the full ten-year appointment.


Liberal group One Wisconsin Now has unearthed some writings from Bradley’s college days that reveal, frankly, her mortifying views on gay people and HIV patients.

The three student newspaper columns that OWN released included comments like the following:

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Catholic Bishop: We Must Stand Up for Persecuted Atheists All Over the World

Well, I’ll be damned.

Bishop Declan Lang, the chair of the UK-based Catholic Bishops’ Conference Department for International Affairs, has gone on record asking fellow Catholics to defend persecuted atheists. Seriously.


Referring to atheists like Ahmed Rajib Haider who have been jailed or murdered for their thought-crimes, Lang writes that Catholics have a duty to stand up for freedom of belief, even when they disagree:

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South African Pastor Performs Boiling Water “Miracle” That’s More Like a Pathetic Magic Trick

We laugh (and cry) on this site when we hear about church pastors taking advantage of a congregation that’s supposed to know better. But when the bar for skepticism is so very low, pastors don’t have to try very hard to fool anyone.

Like the pastor from Zimbabwe who claimed to have the ability to fly… even though savvy viewers could easily figure out the trick.

The latest entry in the It’s-a-Miracle category is South African Pastor Thamsanqa Sambulo. His magic trick involves boiled water. Maybe.


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Orlando Officials’ Oath of Office Was a Christian Prayer in Disguise

When Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando, Florida, took his oath of office earlier this year alongside three members of the city council, Jesus was a major part of the government ceremony.

Buddy Dyer (via Ballotpedia)

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