Does Anyone Really Know God?

Religious people love to tell atheists we just need to open our hearts to God and that we just don’t understand His ways, but DarkMatters2525 shows us that even they have no clue what God is really like:

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Brazil’s Evangelical Christians Are Gaining Political Power

There’s an anti-abortion, anti-gay evangelical Christian running for President.

Old news? Sounds like it, until you realize it’s happening in Brazil, and they’re rehashing arguments that sound like they’re coming right out of the Bible Belt:

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The Pentecostal Revival in Rwanda

Foreign Policy has an article running about religion in Rwanda twenty years after the 1994 genocide, and the trend is fascinating. According to the piece, Charismatic or Pentecostal Christianity is on the rise, as survivors are leaving Catholicism for the more emotional (and more American) version of the Christian faith.

They tell the story of Rebecca Umwali, who survived the genocide by a stray bit of luck and who believes that she fell possessed by demons afterward:

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With $1,000,000 on the Line, Check Out How JREF Designs an Experiment to Test Someone’s Supernatural Powers

Every year during The Amazing Meeting, the James Randi Educational Foundation allows someone who claims to have supernatural powers the chance to win $1,000,000 right then and there by proving his or her skills. There’s a large audience watching the experiment, even though the only person who believes in the claimant’s powers is the claimant.

But it’s not purely for shits and giggles. There’s actually a rigorous process leading up to the big event, involving both sides agreeing on what the experiment will be and what it would take for the supernatural powers to be “proven.”

Richard Saunders elaborates:

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How Believable is This Story of a Christian-Turned-Atheist-Turned-Christian?

Personally, I’m not particularly keen on labels and I don’t identify at all with the popular forms of atheism I’ve seen online, so I’m not quite sure how to gauge this recent post on RELEVANT Magazine about Mike McHargue, a Southern Baptist deacon who became an atheist… and then became a Christian again two years later.

Here’s the meat of his story:

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