An Atheist’s Brief Synopsis of the God’s Not Dead Series

Seth Andrews offers a brief look at God’s Not Dead 2 for those who aren’t familiar with the Christian propaganda series:


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Animated Video Recalls Carl Sagan on Religion: “A Literal Reading of the Bible Simply is a Mistake”

Taking a clip from a 1985 interview with Studs Terkel, the folks at Blank on Blank animated Carl Sagan talking about extraterrestrials. The conversation also included a discussion about religion and whether its claims are based in reality.

Money line: “A literal reading of the Bible simply is a mistake; I mean it’s just wrong.”


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Ted Cruz Just Gave an Unbelievably Hypocritical Answer to a Question About Church/State Separation

Earlier tonight, during a Town Hall with CNN, student Thomas Dougherty asked Ted Cruz about his stance on church/state separation.


Cruz gave a long response, so let me break it down into pieces and explain why none of it made any sense.

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A Conversation About How to Disagree Without Being a Jerk

One night last week, well after midnight, I recorded a conversation with my friend Bart Campolo. It was half podcast interview and half therapy session. (Throw in sleep deprivation on my end and it’s even more fun!)

Really interesting conversation, though. You can listen to it here. I hope you enjoy it.


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That Classic Viral Video of a Russian Girl “Flying” is Fake. Who Knew?!

Captain Disillusion debunks a classic viral video of a “flying” girl in Russia.


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