Idaho Republicans Propose ‘Pre-emptive’ Strike Protecting Faith-Based Discrimination

Republican lawmakers in Idaho are so worried that LGBT people will force them to abandon their religious beliefs, they’ve outlined a plan of attack for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Last week, Rep. Lynn Luker introduced plans to preemptively protect professionals in various fields from having their licenses revoked if they refuse to serve LGBT people on religious grounds. Professionals from physical therapists to midwives to teachers would be protected if they decided it was against their religious beliefs to provide services to gays and lesbians. (The only exception is that emergency personnel could not refuse to treat somebody.)

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Listen to This Christian Rapper’s Comically Bad Take on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ ‘Same Love’

Conservative Christians who hadn’t heard of Macklemore‘s pro-gay hit “Same Love” have certainly heard of it now. The massive wedding that took place live at the Grammys last weekend, which included same-sex couples and was officiated by Queen Latifah, has right-wingers furious over the destruction of marriage, morals, purity, and everything else they get upset about as soon as LGBT folks enter the picture.

But few seem to be more upset than Bizzle, a Christian rapper who has previously targeted the music of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, among others, for the messages their music sends. This “Same Love” nonsense really has Bizzle in a tizzy — so much so that he released a rap song explaining why LGBT people actually have it all wrong.

In “Same Love (A Response),” Bizzle offers his opinions on the LGBT rights movement and the presence (or absence) of God in the ongoing debate, all while the iconic instrumental of the original song plays underneath. If we could only ignore how we feel and give our lives to God, he seems to say, everything would be fine.

Listen to the song below:

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Texas Board of Education Changes Textbook Review Rules to Emphasize Facts Over Ideology

On Friday, the Texas Board of Education did something you won’t believe they didn’t do a long time ago:

Among the changes approved Friday was a mandate that teachers or professors be given priority for serving on the textbook review panels for subjects in their areas of expertise. They also enable the board to appoint outside experts to check objections raised by review panels and ensure they are based on fact, not ideology.

“It won’t eliminate politics, but it will make it where it’s a more informed process,” said Thomas Ratliff, a Republican board member who pushed for the changes, which he said “force us to find qualified people, leave them alone, and let them do their jobs.”

Wow! Giving teachers and other subject experts a say in which textbooks students should be using! That’s so… obviously the right thing to do.

Despite voting in favor of the new rules, one of the conservative board members, David Bradley (below), is still upset, calling the change anti-Christian:

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Super Bowl Schmuper Bowl

(cartoon by Cuyler Black)

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Pastor Arranges Gay-Sex Rendezvous. No, Actually, You Haven’t Heard This One Before

Larry Craig. Ted Haggard. George Rekers. There’s quite a range of pastors and politicians who, after years of making money off of demonizing gay people, turn out to really like rent boys and male prostitutes or who can’t contain their wide stance in a men’s bathroom.

Now there’s a very special newcomer to that august company. Meet Rev. Michael Abromovich, pastor of Set Free Christian Ministry in the fundamentalist-Christian hotbed of Colorado Springs.

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