Law-Breaking Mississippi School District’s New Board Member Says Church/State Separation is a Myth

I’ve said before that I’ve written more articles about the Rankin County School District in Mississippi than anywhere other school district in the country — never for good reasons. There were mandatory assemblies with Christian speakers. There was a pastor telling children to pray at an awards ceremony. There was the Christian hymn performed during a marching band’s halftime show.

This is a District where church/state separation isn’t even considered a suggestion, much less thought of as a law. And they’ve been fined multiple times because of that. In fact, for every violation from here on out, they owe the plaintiff $10,000.

So when you’re electing a new school board member, you want someone with a strong understanding of the situation.

You want someone who won’t make the same mistakes as the District leaders of the past.

You want someone who respects the law.

What you don’t want is the guy you just got: David Dyess:

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CNN’s Lisa Ling Explores The Satanic Temple

Earlier this week, CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling aired an episode all about The Satanic Temple. While the episode isn’t on CNN’s website yet, a copy of it emerged on YouTube. So check it out before it disappears:

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Religion Evolves: The Music Video

Baba Brinkman, the brilliant songwriter who released The Rap Guide to Religion earlier this year, just released the video for his song “Religion Evolves.”

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A New Strategy to Counter Christian Vandals Who Destroy Atheist Displays

Given the vandalism of atheist displays we’ve seen over the past few years, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is trying to make the most of a bad situation: They’re asking you to make a donation to the organization… but you won’t get charged anything unless one of their displays gets vandalized.

In other words, if Christians want to tear down an atheist banner, they’ll essentially be paying for even more of those banners to go up.

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Cutting to the Heart of Intercessory Prayer, With the New Yorker

The New Yorker just put up a slide show of readers’ favorite cartoons. Among them is a very fine one I’d never seen before — a comment about the weird self-indulgence, if not outright arrogance, of intercessory prayer.

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