Creationists Set to Make Monkeys of Themselves at Michigan State University Today

Students at Michigan State University are in for a real treat today: a Creationist conference called the Origin Summit! The event’s website is really quite informative, as it gives students a great preview of what’s in store for them. I’m tempted to let this actual screen capture from their site do the talking, as it pretty much sums up what you can expect:

I know, you’re already burning your science textbooks, having been swayed by such wit and reasoning. But, really, there’s so much more goodness to be had that it seems a shame not to mention at least a few more shining moments.

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Bill Maher Speaks About the Berkeley Controversy, Then Gets Berated by Panelist for His Comments About Islam

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher addressed the controversy at UC Berkeley in which he was invited as a commencement speaker, only to have students protest his invitation, calling him a “blatant bigot and racist.” (Berkeley officials said they would not rescind his invitation.)

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8th Grader Gets Biblical Literalist to Admit That When God Says Hell is Forever, He Doesn’t Really Mean It

Chad, the young atheist who has flummoxed a number of Christian debaters, has done it again.

The eighth grader asked Christian debater Dennis Marcellino whether he believed the Bible was literally true.

Marcellino said he did.

Chad followed that up by questioning Marcellino’s claim from earlier in the debate that Hell wasn’t really forever — doesn’t the Bible say it is?

Check out Marcellino’s mind-boggling response:

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What Would Your (Secular) Ten Commandments Be? Your Answers Could Be Worth Up To $10,000

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from a new book called Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments for the Twenty-first Century by Lex Bayer (a Silicon Valley entrepreneur) and John Figdor (the Humanist chaplain at Stanford University).

In conjunction with the book launch, they’re also running a contest in which you can win a lot of money — up to $10,000 — by telling them what would be included in your personal Ten Commandments.

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A Wheelchair User Dresses Up As the Pope For Halloween; In Alabama, Cops Would Have Grounds For Arrest

This is how Redditor MattONesti is celebrating Halloween today: as the Pope. Improvised add-ons to his wheelchair mean he can roll around in style, in his very own Pope-mobile. Pretty cool!

A fellow Reddit user kindly cautioned him that in Alabama,

It is illegal to dress as a member of the clergy for halloween.

Which can’t possibly be true. Or can it?

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