Married Pastor Tells NPR He’s Attracted To Men, but He’s Not Gay

TLC’s weird upcoming show My Husband’s Not Gay has sparked a wave of a new kind of coming-out: Christian men who are open about their same-sex attraction, despite being married to women.

NPR recently featured one of these stories, about a Presbyterian pastor in Pennsylvania who has experienced same-sex attraction since he was a kid. His name is Allan Edwards, he’s married to Leeanne Edwards, and they’re expecting a baby in July.

In the NPR story, he talks about how his faith has shaped his identity:

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How the Terrorist Attacks Hurt Muslim Nations Everywhere

Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s juxtaposes today’s acts of terrorism with the International Space Station and explains that the acts of “vengeance” like we saw at Charlie Hebdo‘s offices today leave the Muslim world in even more disarray:

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I Am Charlie

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Charlie Hebdo: A Massacre Nine Years in the Making, No Thanks To Yellow-Bellied European Leaders

For me, today’s news of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris almost immediately called to mind the cowardice of sundry political leaders back in 2006.

Let’s not forget this: when Charlie Hebdo courageously re-published the Danish Motoons,

French President Jacques Chirac described the move as a “provocation“.

[Germany's] Angela Merkel, hedging her bets, made a lame and half-hearted defense of freedom of speech which she implied had to be balanced against the need to show respect to Muslims: “We need to learn to show mutual respect for each others’ views and feelings as well as to develop our shared values.”

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Appeals Court Rules That Westhampton Beach Eruv Can Remain in Place, to the Delight of Orthodox Jews

Under Jewish law, on the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), you’re not supposed to carry any of your possessions between private domains (like your home) and public domains (like outside your home). But what if you want to take your baby to synagogue? What if you want to carry your keys from inside your home to outside where your car is parked? You can’t do it. Jewish law forbids it.

But Orthodox Jews figured out a loophole. All they have to do is turn a “public” domain into a “private” one and problem solved! They accomplish this by creating an eruv (AY-roov).

An eruv is essentially a gated community built using poles and string. You put up the poles all around a city, connect them with a string, and you’ve created a brand new giant domain. Orthodox Jews can roam and carry items freely within that space, even on the Sabbath!

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