We Have a Pinterest Page!

Did you know we have a Pinterest page?

We do! And we just made it so that all posts on this site will appear on a special board for people who prefer sharing stories through there.


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To Those Complaining About Trans People Wanting to Use the Appropriate Bathrooms…

There are plenty of people, including too many politicians, who still don’t understand why these “bathroom bills” are so problematic.


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TN Governor Vetoes Bill Making the Bible the Official State Book: “This Bill Trivializes the Bible”

A couple of weeks ago, Tennessee legislators voted to make the Bible the official state book. Their bill went against the advice of Attorney General Herbert Slatery, who called it unconstitutional, and Governor Bill Haslam.

But saying you don’t like the bill is different from taking action against it, which is why it’s a breath of fresh air to see that Haslam has indeed vetoed the bill as he suggested he would.


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How Donald Trump is Driving a Wedge Into the Religious Right

In case you missed it the other night, Rachel Maddow had a great segment on how Donald Trump is basically destroying the powerhouses of the Religious Right.

We already know how he’s showing you don’t need to be authentically evangelical — or even accept conservative Christian “morality” — to get that crowd’s votes. Now, Phyllis Schlafly‘s organization, Eagle Forum, which has had an outsized effect on conservative politics over the past few decades, is going through an upheaval because there’s a difference in opinion over her support of Trump.

It’s a 20-minute segment but well worth your time:


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Bangladeshi Prime Minister: Criticism of Religion is “Filthy”; “Why Should We Tolerate That?”

It’s bad enough that, after the murder of Bangladeshi atheist blogger Nazimuddin Samad, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that Samad’s writings “needed to be scrutinized to see whether he wrote anything objectionable about religion.”


It’s even worse when the leader of the country echoes that same sentiment.

During a celebration of the Bengali New Year today, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated that criticism of religion was not to be tolerated:

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