Counties That Adopt “In God We Trust” Resolutions Are “Poor, Uneducated, and Overwhelmingly White”

In God We Trust ~ America, Inc. is the organization dedicated to putting up religious plaques all around the country .

It turns out they’ve done quite well: Nearly 400 cities and counties have approved their sample resolution, putting up “In God We Trust” signs in government buildings.

Hank Sims, writing for the Lost Coast Outpost, decided to analyze the 77 counties (rather than cities, presumably so there’s no overlap) that have adopted the resolution to discover what they have in common. Turns out God’s Country, his name for the collection of 77 counties, leaves a lot to be desired:

The kind of county that adopts this resolution is poor, uneducated and overwhelmingly white.

Here’s just one example of what he found:

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After Two Years, Lake Elsinore Will Finally Unveil a Veterans Memorial, This Time Without Religious References

In 2012, the City Council of Lake Elsinore, California unanimously approved a $50,000 veterans’ monument to be placed in front of Diamond Stadium, a city-owned minor league baseball stadium (a mockup of which is below):

That’s a soldier kneeling in front of several Christian crosses… and one Jewish star. Because only Christians have died in our country’s wars.

And one Jew.

And no one else, ever.

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Claim: Catholic Church In Norway Fraudulently Reported Phantom Members To Secure Higher Government Payouts

Do you know the commandment against bearing false witness? If so, that’s one advantage you have over Norway’s Catholic Church:

For four years the Catholic Church in Norway has been illegally registering immigrants as Catholics in order to secure increased government funding. The Church, whose official membership has almost doubled since 2010, had been registering immigrants from Catholic-majority countries as practicing Catholics, without asking for their consent, and without any indication that the people in questions were actually practicing Catholics.

Why would they do that, other than bragging rights?

In Norway, religions receive a state subsidy based on their membership. Religious groups can choose to register with the state in order to receive this financial support, which is distributed proportionally to the official registered membership figures. … By increasing their membership from 66,000 in 2010, to 120,000 in 2014, the Norwegian Catholic Church has significantly increased the amount of state subsidy it receives.

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Humanist Chaplain Jason Heap Files Federal Lawsuit Against U.S. Navy After They Reject His Application

Jason Heap (below) wanted to become a chaplain in the U.S. Navy. He’s perfectly qualified for the position, too: He earned two master’s degrees (including one in divinity), passed his physicals, and completed the paperwork… but what he doesn’t have is the endorsement of a religious organization that’s currently approved by the Navy.

That’s because Heap endorsement comes from the Humanist Society.

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Watch This Conservative Pastor’s Mind Get Blown As He Discovers How Secular Scandinavia Is

Those of us in the U.S. think we’re amazing at everything… mostly because we’re blissfully ignorant about how the rest of the world operates.

That’s pretty much the basis for a fascinating documentary series in Norway called The Norden: They take Americans who are passionate about a certain issue, send them to Norway, have them see how it’s done over there, and film their jaws dropping.

There’s the setup for this clip in which a conservative Southern pastor, Marty McLain, finds out how religion works in a mostly secular country:

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