Ad Promoting Church/State Separation Will Air During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert This Month

For the next couple of weeks, the Freedom From Religion Foundation will air TV ads during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. They feature President John F. Kennedy talking about the importance of church/state separation:


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Christian Evangelist: Atheists Would Be Cannibals in an Emergency Due to “Survival of the Fittest”

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort has a rather odd posting at his website The Evidence Bible. (There’s no author name attached, but it’s his website, so I’m assuming he wrote this.)

The point he wants to make is that Christians help the poor.


But check out this weird passage at the end of the brief posting:

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How the Fear of Death Strengthens Christian Nationalism (and Leads to More Crime)

In a time where Donald Trump is riding high on a wave of Christian nationalism, it’s fair to ask where that sort of mentality can take us. What happens when you think the U.S. is a “Christian nation” and conservative, Bible-based policies are the best way to go?

Elicka Peterson Sparks, an associate professor of criminology at Appalachian State University, believes that it’s not a coincidence that the most religious parts of the country are also where we see the highest levels of violence. After all, when “sinners” are worthy of biblical punishment and tolerance is treated as a dirty word, it’s no wonder interpersonal relationship are so screwed up.

She writes about this in her new book The Devil You Know: The Surprising Link between Conservative Christianity and Crime (Prometheus Books, 2016):

Devil You Know_cover

In the excerpt below, Peterson Sparks discusses how the fear of death lends itself to this sort of Christian nationalism:

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This is What Happened When an Atheist Politician Gave an Invocation on the Arizona House Floor

It’s amazing how much Christians will overreact when an atheist politician says some kind, inclusive words before they all get to work.

On Thursday, Arizona State Rep. Juan Mendez delivered his third secular invocation on the House floor. (The first time he gave one, a Christian colleague felt obligated to deliver a second Christian invocation the following day.)

The only reason it was controversial was because House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro tried to block him from speaking last month, saying there was a rule that all invocations had to be made to a Higher Power. There’s no such rule. After all, that would fly in the face of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Greece v. Galloway, which said that atheistic invocations were legal in government settings alongside religious ones.

So Mendez gave his invocation with no reference to a Supreme Deity:


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President Obama Says Goodbye to the MythBusters

With the show MythBusters winding down tonight, even President Obama thanked the cast and crew for all the work they’ve done over 14 seasons.


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