Chicagoland Atheists Will Be Volunteering Next Weekend

This Saturday, a group of Chicagoland atheists will be volunteering (once again) at the Greater Chicago Food Depository from 9:00a-12:00p:

We will be packing food shipments to send out to soup kitchens all over Chicagoland. Big companies send bulk containers of food like oranges or pasta to the food bank. Volunteers are needed to sort out the spoiled food and then repack the good food into smaller family size amounts.

There will be socializing afterwards, too!

If you can help out (or you just want to join everyone for lunch), please sign up here!

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Jesus Called, Kim Answered

Share your favorite epitaph. This, for now, is mine:

Damn good thing I have Jesus on my ‘blocked’ list.

(via Dangerous Minds)

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The Importance of Going Beyond ‘Yugen’

SkeptiSketch‘s latest video takes a lovely excerpt from one of Sean Faircloth‘s speeches and makes it visually appealing, too:

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Sixth-Commandment Billboards Soon to Saturate Detroit’s Blighted Neighborhoods (Killings to Cease in 5, 4, 3….)

Urban violence in Detroit is out of control, and one woman won’t take it anymore.

In the aftermath of a shooting in a Detroit barbershop that killed three people and wounded six on Nov. 6, Pastor Ovella Andreas mobilized other church leaders to figure out how to respond. “This is an emergency; this is a crisis, and we have to come together now to do what we can,” she told WWJ. “I truly know if we do what we can, God will do what we cannot; but we’re not doing all that we can.”

So what did pastor Andreas and her task force decide to do? Simple. They will

bombard Detroit with “Thou Shalt Not Kill” banners and signs around the city with the hopes that seeing the sixth commandment everywhere will serve as a wake-up call to the community. “Our goal now is to infiltrate and saturate our communities with this commandment, via buses, via billboards,” Andreas said.

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Christian Doctor Openly Boasts of Breaking Australian Law, Says That Women Who Have An Abortion ‘Deserve to Die’

Five years ago, abortion became legal in Victoria, Australia. The law is carefully written to allow women to undergo the procedure without compelling doctors to perform it. Medical professionals who are morally opposed to abortion may refuse (except, as I understand it, in exceedingly rare circumstances where the patient’s life is imminently at risk). They are obligated, under the law, to advise women where to go instead, and the answer can’t be “to hell.” The patient has to be referred to another doctor who can help her.

In the words of Daniel Mathews, a pro-choice mathematics lecturer and blogger Down Under,

The law thus balances rights of women, on the one hand — rights to autonomous control of their own bodies, self-determination of their own lives, freedom of conscience, and religion — with the rights of doctors to freedom of conscience and religion, on the other.

And as a practical matter, physicians certainly need not engage patients in uncomfortable, unwelcome discussions:

[They] can simply notify patients of any objection in advance, through a notice in the waiting room or on their website. The Australian Medical Association has even provided templates for this purpose.

In 2011, Dan Mathews’ Facebook feed lit up with a discussion that got his attention. The most strident participant was a suburban Australian medical doctor he didn’t even know, a fervent Christian named Jereth Kok.

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