The Author of Jesus and Mo Is Doing an AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) In Our Comments Section. Fire Away!

Small world: I found out only weeks ago that a British colleague with whom I’d exchanged friendly messages over the years is the anonymous artist behind Jesus and Mo, the acidly witty comic strip featuring two self-obsessed prophets. Every month, the Freethinker publishes a new installment, but the two roomies’ divine black-and-white adventures can also be found in six Jesus and Mo books — and on their own website, which is updated twice a week.

Since its launch, a little over eight years ago, the atheism-influenced comic has attracted some prominent admirers. Richard Dawkins praises Jesus (I’m tempted to stop here for effect) and Mo, saying the gruesome twosome and their creator provide some of the

… shrewdest, wittiest, most critically penetrating running commentary on the absurdities of contemporary religion.

Fans also include novelist Salman Rushdie, columnist Nick Cohen, biology professor Jerry Coyne, and, truth be told, me.

This month, over in England, Jesus and Mo became something a flashpoint in a national debate over free speech, censorship, and religious accommodation. You can read up on the tumult here.

I asked Jesus and Mo‘s creator if he would answer your questions and mine. “Gladly,” he said.

Allow me to start us off.

You first published Jesus and Mo in the late fall of 2005, just a month or two after the Islam cartoon controversy involving the Jyllands-Posten in Denmark began to rage. Any connection?

“It was right after the start of the Danish toons controversy — the shit didn’t really hit the fan until January or February of the next year, after months of determined campaigning by Danish imams. I’d been harboring thoughts of a religious satire comic featuring Jesus and Mo for ages, and I think the early stages of that particular controversy acted as the catalyst that kicked me into action. It was [Islam's] ludicrous depiction taboo that provided the strip’s first joke.”

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Who Knew You Could Have Too Much Religion at Texas High School Football Games?

The Lubbock Independent School District in Texas is home to Lowrey Field, where the four high schools in the area play their home football games. The 8,500-seat stadium also houses a digital billboard where companies like Whataburger, Fuddruckers, and United Supermarkets pay for ads to run during the big games.

So, naturally, the man behind wanted to place an ad there, too:

(The website has nothing to do with tattoos, by the way. It’s just one guy’s failed idea of a “hip” way to convert teens to Christianity.)

Believe it or not — and to their credit — the district said no. It was religious, they said, and they didn’t want to violate the Constitution.

So, naturally, the man behind has filed a lawsuit claiming his rights are being violated.

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After More Than a Year in Prison on Blasphemy Charges, Alexander Aan is Released from Prison

It was more than 18 months ago when Indonesian atheist Alexander Aan was sentenced to prison for 2.5 years for the “crime” of posting “blasphemous” statements on Facebook, criticizing Islam and asking for proof of God’s existence on a group page for the Minang Atheists.

Today, however, the Jakarta Post reports some good news: Aan has been released!

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Proud Muslim Parents, Just After Giving Birth, Dress Baby in Battle Fatigues, Promise He’ll Be a Martyr For Islam

Don’t delay teaching your children about divinely-inspired morality until they’re older, like six weeks. If you didn’t read your baby Holy Book verses while he was still in utero, what kind of parent are you? You’ve got some serious catching up to do. Don’t keep God waiting!

A clip from Al-Manar TV in Lebanon, translated and captioned by MEMRI, shows two parents doing just that:

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Surrogate Mothers Make Baby Jesus Cry

Conservative Christian columnist Julie Roys just added a new group to the list of People Who Make God Upset: Surrogate mothers.

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