Be Honest, You Wouldn’t Go To a Law School Named ASSoL Either

George Mason University has decided to withdraw the proposed name of its law school in Arlington, Virginia, after it was pointed out that the Antonin Scalia School of Law would result in a somewhat uncomfortable — if possibly apt — acronym. ASSoL? ASS Law? What were they thinking?


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Podcast Ep. 102: Teresa MacBain, Director of the Hotline Project

Our latest podcast guest is Teresa MacBain, director of the Hotline Project, which offers callers who are grappling with their faith a chance to talk (anonymously) with an atheist about any questions or concerns. Their number is 1-84-I-Doubt-It (1-844-368-2848).


MacBain is a former Methodist pastor and the first female member of the Clergy Project to publicly “come out” as a nonbeliever. She did that at the 2012 American Atheists convention.

We spoke with her about how she began having doubts about religion while in the pulpit, the type of people who call the Hotline Project, and how to volunteer to be on the receiving end of that call.

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Kenyan Government Finally Grants Official Recognition to Atheist Group

The last time we heard about Harrison Mumia and his group Atheists in Kenya, he was trying to officially register his organization (kind of like applying for U.S. non-profit status). It didn’t work. he was rejected because, according to registrar Maria Nyariki, giving them official status would ruin the country:


But I’m happy to say the decision has been reversed.

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I Wonder If Glenn Greenwald or Ben Affleck Will Tell This Saudi Journalist She’s “Gross” and “Racist”

Saudi journalist and TV host Nadine Al-Budair, who operates out of Qatar, is becoming a viral sensation in her homeland and abroad, thanks to a three-minute editorial tirade she gave on air a week ago. Far from pretending that terrorist attacks on soft Western targets have nothing to do with Islam, as we’ve heard so often from that faith’s reflexive defenders, Al-Budair lit up the screen by arguing the opposite:


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Duck Dynasty Dad Opens NASCAR Race with Prayer That We “Put a Jesus Man in the White House”

Yesterday, in the most stereotypically Southern thing you’ll ever see in your life, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson gave the opening prayer before NASCAR’s Duck Commander 500 race in Texas.

His invocation included a wish that a Christian man make his way into the White House:


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