Business As Usual: MSNBC and the New York Times Censor the Latest Charlie Hebdo Cover

On the one-year anniversary of the Islamist bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo, the New York Times deemed the weekly’s commemorative and irreverent cover newsworthy, but declined to show it — or even to explain it properly.

Writes the paper’s Christopher D. Shea:

The cover shows a bearded figure in a blood-stained robe and carrying a machine gun, and the words “One Year After: The Assassin Is on the Run.”

That description is technically correct. But of course, as we shouldn’t need to point out again, the “bearded figure” is no mystery man: it’s Charlie‘s depiction of God. Without that clarification, and without a picture of the cartoon in question, the Times story makes zero sense.


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Sen. Ted Cruz Responds to the Question: Why Should Atheists Vote for You?

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

That may seem silly given the religious conservatism of the Republican field, but it’s an important question.

His most recent exchange was with Sen. Ted Cruz. Justin told me he asked his question right after Cruz “worked the crowd into a frenzy with some anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, pro-gun, pro-God rhetoric.”

The crowd went silent when he began his question with, “I’m an atheist…”

So how did Cruz respond? Why should atheists vote for him? See for yourself:


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Mark Zuckerberg, in Five Words, Reminds Us of the Importance of Vaccines

It’s so easy to dislike someone with Mark Zuckerberg‘s wealth or influence, but hats off to the guy. Not only did he pledge to give away the bulk of his fortune, he made sure to tell the world that his newborn daughter’s getting vaccinated:


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According to a Creationist Video, 3 + 3 = 6 is Somehow Proof of God’s Existence

In the latest episode of Creation Today (which I’m sure you all binge-watch), host Eric Hovind explains how God and mathematics are intertwined.

There’s a great moment near the beginning where Hovind tells us how incredibly far mathematics has come, before giving examples that go no further than things you’d hear in high school: “You think about how far math has come, we’ve got binomial theorems, bounded functions, dilation of graphs, square roots, pi…” It’s as if math has never gone beyond that in his mind. But it’s not surprising given that his knowledge of biology barely goes beyond a high school level, either, and yet he claims with confidence that expert scientists are lying to themselves about evolution.

I was going to make fun of that… but then I saw the “Creation Minute” segment. It begins at 6:23 and really gets to some tough problems:


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Catholic School in U.K. Orders Students to Ditch “Inappropriate” Designer Bags

The vulgar display of (some) earthly baubles is off-limits at a Catholic School in England, we learn via the New York Post.

The headmaster at a Catholic school in England has banned chic designer bags after too many girls returned from Christmas break toting pricey brand-name purses.

No word on boys sporting non-Casio watches or girls wearing pearls. Feels a bit random, then.

Dermot McNiffe declared that flashy bags such as Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker and Gucci, are not suitable for carrying binders and textbooks at the the All Saints’ Academy in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and should be replaced by more “appropriate” book-bags like an Adidas backpack.


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