After Years of Relentless Violence, Bangladeshi High Court Considers Nixing Islam as State Religion

Bangladesh’s constitution dates back to 1972, when the country adopted secularism as one of its founding principles. Since then, subsequent governments have made a mess of things:

[The] government of military ruler-turned politician slain president Ziaur Rahman scrapped secularism as the state policy and his successor ex-army chief HM Ershad, who followed [in] his footsteps, made Islam the state religion in 1988.

Then, 20 years later,

Assuming power with three-fourths majority…, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League government revived secularism as one of the state principles but kept untouched the provision of state religion due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Mustn’t upset the violent extremists.


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Christian Writer Tells Women How to “Learn Their Place”

The website BiblicalGenderRoles has made an appearance here before for its discussion of how God is totally cool with rape within marriage. And how God wants women to eliminate rape from their vocabulary. And how God wants husbands to withhold money from their wives as punishment.

More recently, BGR’s spokesman-for-God answers a burning question: How can you help the women in your life “learn their place“?


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Christian Post Editors Issue Unprecedented Non-Endorsement of Donald Trump

Even the Christian Post is jumping on the #NeverTrump bandwagon by publishing an editorial urging readers not to vote for Donald Trump. It’s an unprecedented “non-endorsement” which the editors are making “because Trump is exceptionally bad and claims to speak for and represent the interests of evangelicals.”


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Texans in Travis County Elect Human Dumpster Fire as GOP Chair

Republicans have long been adept at embarrassing themselves. From shutting down the government over funding initiatives they’d already voted for to more than 60 fruitless attempts to repeal Obamacare to a fraud-backed crusade to defund Planned Parenthood, they’ve been tilting at windmills for years.

Some may look at Donald Trump‘s ascent as the culmination of this nonsensical devolution, but in reality, he’s just the beginning. His ascent is setting the scene for more Donalds to come bubbling to the top. And this is not theoretical. It’s already happening in Texas.


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Are You an Atheist Who Plans to Vote for the Eventual Republican Nominee? I Want to Hear From You

I’m going to say this knowing it’s anecdotal at best: If there’s any political debate going on among the atheists I know, it’s over whether it’s better to support Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

At least one survey has given the atheist/Agnostic edge to Sanders. That same survey didn’t even list a Republican preference for our demographic — I assume that’s because the sample size of atheists willing to support the current slate of GOP candidates was so small.


The point is: I don’t know any active atheists who are even considering voting for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Those guys are religious conservatives whose values go against what most of us believe.

What about Donald Trump? Slightly different story.

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