Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Angela Merkel In Testy Showdown Over a Ribald Protest Poem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pictured) and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel aren’t too comfortable with each other right now, and it’s all the fault of a strikingly foul-mouthed German TV comic.


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Christian Films Are Really Awful, Aren’t They?

Arturo Zurita, a YouTuber who focuses on entertainment, has a lot to say about why Christian films are so bad, with a spotlight on God’s Not Dead 2.

It’s all the more interesting because he says he would love to see good Christian movies as a film buff… he just hasn’t found any yet.


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The Real Concern Regarding Climate Change

In this short, helpful video, Vox explains one of the biggest misconceptions about climate change: The worry isn’t that the planet is doomed by the changing temperature. It’s that our species may be doomed.


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The BBC Looks Into Dinkoism, the Satirical Worship of an Ancient Cartoon Mouse

As Hemant noted recently, there’s a riotous new rodent in town that happens to be the Creator of All That Is:

According to devotees of India’s Dinkoist movement, the universe was created by a cartoon mouse called Dinkan many millions of years ago. But Dinkoism itself is one of the world’s newest faiths, having only been created by atheists in 2008 as a vehicle for parodying the excesses of organized religion.

That’s from a video report by the BBC, another sign (perhaps) that Dinkoism has arrived, at least in terms of media attention.


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No, Bill Nye is Not Debating Sarah Palin on Climate Change

Rumors are flying that Bill Nye, famous for publicly defending scientific consensus, will be taking up a debate with Sarah Palin, famous for political buffoonery, among other things.

As delightful as the carnage would be to witness, it’s fortunately not a debate, nor will Nye even be making an appearance.

Here’s the truth, and a preview of the pre-recorded appearance:


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