James Dobson: Christians Have “Lost The Entire Culture War” Now That Marriage Equality Is Legal

This year has been a big one for LGBT rights, most notably after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide. As huge a step as that was, LGBT advocates know there are many more hurdles to full equality, like workplace and housing protections, equal rights for transgender people, and tackling the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness.

But evangelical Christian leader James Dobson isn’t thinking about any of that other stuff. In his mind, it’s all over.

Dobson recently appeared on Andrew Wommack’s The Gospel Truth TV program, where he declared that, with the SCOTUS decision, anti-LGBT Christians have “lost the entire culture war.”

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Pastor Who Says He’s “Completely Disqualified” to Write About Evolution Wants It Banned in Schools

William James Herath is a nutjob fundamental Christian who hates science.

I know this because he goes out of his way to point out how he’s totally not that guy — using those exact words, that’s he’s not a “nutjob fundamental Christian who hates science” — before promoting his new Kickstarter for a book called Evolution is Illegal.

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Atheist Adopt-A-Highway Signs in Texas Riddled with Bullets

While we’re talking about the Orange County Atheists of Texas, you may recall that the group began taking part in the Adopt-a-Highway program back in October. But within two weeks of their official signs going up on the road, they were vandalized. Someone had painted “I <3 God" and "I <3 Christ" over them.

The signs were eventually replaced, but the issue was serious enough that the group actually raised money to purchase cameras to catch future acts of vandalism.

Over the weekend, as members went to go install those cameras, they noticed that their new signs had also been ruined. This time, there were bullet holes in them:

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Instead of Letting Atheist Banner Go Up, Orange (TX) Officials Take City Hall Nativity Scene Down

Because their city hall had a Nativity scene out front, the Orange County Atheists of Texas decided it was only fair to request a display of their own. It was a simple banner that said “Happy Holidays” (regardless of what anyone believed):

Turns out that peace coexistence was out of the question. Instead of letting the banner go up, perhaps giving the atheists a sort of symbolic victory, city officials decided they’d rather just take down the Nativity.

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New York Times Two-Page Ad Honors “Three Wiser Men” Who Gave Us the Bill of Rights

Today’s New York Times includes a two-page spread from the Freedom From Religion Foundation honoring the “Three Wiser Men” who gave us the Bill of Rights. It comes on the 224th anniversary of the Bill of Rights’ ratification in 1791.

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