YouGov Poll Says Nearly 60% of Americans Believe the Devil is Real

Almost six in ten Americans believe the devil is real, and more than half think people can be possessed by demons.

Those results are from a recent YouGov poll of 1,000 respondents, though it’s not clear how reliable the numbers are — I couldn’t find an explanation of the methodology. YouGov says its poll has a margin of error of three percent.

When you drill down past the headline and summary, you can see which religious adherents are most likely to believe that Satan exists. To no one’s surprise, those who have had a “born-again” experience top the list at 86%. The Lord of Darkness is met with a lot more skepticism in non-Christian circles: only 17% of Jews and 25% of Muslims believe that he’s real, as do 20 percent of Nones.

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It’s Hard for Me to Hate Pope Francis

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the popularity of Pope Francis, even among some of the harshest critics of the Catholic Church:

As I’ve said before, the one thing holding him back from being truly revolutionary… is his Catholicism.

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The Arguments You Should Never Make, As Shown By These Cute Animals

This is awesome: Computer programmer Ali Almossawi joined forces with illustrator Alejandro Giraldo and created An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments:

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This Had to Be One of the Highlights of Patrick Stewart’s Wedding Ceremony

You may have seen by now that Patrick Stewart married singer/songwriter Sunny Ozell a couple of weeks agoSir Ian McKellen was their officiant — but I hadn’t heard about this one part of their ceremony until now…

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Why an Atheist Group Should Accept the White House’s Invitation to a Faith-Based Gathering

We learned on Wednesday that the Obama administration extended an invitation to the Secular Student Alliance to an upcoming “Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge” planning meeting:

“We’re honored to be included in the President’s call for interfaith and community service,” said Jesse Galef, spokesperson for the Secular Student Alliance. “There are thousands of nonreligious students eager to work alongside their religious friends to make the world a better place.”

“From the beginning, President Obama has envisioned students from all worldviews, religious or secular, being part of his Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge,” said Ken Bedell, Senior Advisor with the Department of Education’s Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Center. “We know it’s important to include all viewpoints in this process.”

Exciting news… unless you’re Tom Flynn, Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism, and you think the SSA should have rejected the offer on principle:

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