Wife Foolishly Asks Reddit How to Convince Husband Not to Vaccinate Their Baby

Suppose you and your partner had a disagreement about how to raise your child. It would be wise to ask advice from others who have been through the same situation.

Now suppose you’re opposed to vaccinating your child. Your partner is adamantly on the side of science. Neither of you is willing to budge.

And then you ask Reddit for advice.

That’s what one very foolish pregnant mother did


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Grand Jury Discovers Decades of Child Abuse, Hundreds of Victims, in Pennsylvania Diocese

I don’t usually do this, but this is pretty horrifying stuff. So, content warning for rape and child abuse.

A Pennsylvania grand jury investigation into the Pennsylvanian Altoona-Johnstown Diocese has wrapped up, and its findings are gut-wrenching: hundreds of children were sexually abused by Church leaders over the course of decades. More to the point, the Church not only knew about it, but also went so far as to interfere with police investigations in order to hide it.

The most infuriating part of it all? The plan worked:


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A Thorough Look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Child Abuse Problem

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have an obvious problem with child abuse in their church, one that is exacerbated by the Church insistence on secrecy.

There are the ridiculous ways they internally handle accusations. Like the “Two Witness rule,” which says your account of abuse is only taken seriously by Church elders if another person witnessed it… even though the only other person around may be the abuser himself.

There’s one loophole to that rule: if a second victim comes forth, that counts as another witness. But, as Lloyd Evans points out in his very thorough video on abuse within the Church, that’s like letting an alleged murderer off the hook until he murders again.

The whole 90-minute video exposes the problem within the JW Church and how its leaders have done a horrible job of addressing it:


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Cristin Padgett, Open Atheist Running for Texas State House, Has Lost Her Primary

Cristin Padgett decided she wanted to run for the Texas State House when her district’s current representative, Republican Scott Turner announced last summer that he would not be running for re-election. Padgett figured the best strategy when running in House District 33 (which includes the cities of Frisco and Rockwall) would be honesty about who she was and what she believed.

So before anyone could “out” her, she came right out and let everyone know she was an atheist:


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Catholic Priest Caught on Tape Snorting Cocaine in Home Filled with Nazi Memorabilia

I don’t know what part of this story is worse.

That a Catholic priest, Father Stephen Crossan, was caught on video doing drugs.

That he was snorting cocaine in his home through a £10 note.

Or all the Nazi memorabilia in the background.


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