Louisiana Judge Rules That Priests Don’t Have to Report Abuse if They Hear It During Confession

A Louisiana judge has struck down part of a mandatory reporting law that requires priests to report suspected child abuse.

Because religious freedom, that’s why.


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Atheists and Agnostics Are the Only “Faith” Segment to Prefer Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton

The Barna Group, a polling group focusing on religion in the U.S., recently released a survey on faith’s role in the 2016 elections.

One of the charts in particular stands out because it involves “Skeptics” — defined by Barna as “individuals who describe themselves as atheist or agnostic.”

When it comes to voters who prefer Democrats, of the ten different “faith” groups listed in the survey, Skeptics were the only group to prefer Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.


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This Amazon Review of the Book of Mormon is the Best Thing You’ll Read All Day

I had no idea the Book of Mormon was an RPG, but this user’s experience makes me never want to play it at all.


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Ken Ham: Teaching Kids Science Amounts to “Intellectual Child Abuse”

It’s no secret that Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham has issues with reality. His decades-long war on it is proof enough of that. But in a Facebook post yesterday, he took that animosity to new depths, describing reality-based science lessons as a form of child abuse.


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The Archbishop Never Should Have Gone After the Girl Scouts

Last week, St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson told priests, scout leaders, and parishioners that they should dissociate from the Girl Scouts because of the organization’s “continued promotion of contraception and ‘abortion rights’,” its promotion of feminists like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, and its inclusion of transgender members.

Samantha Bee explored that story last night, highlighting Carlson’s hypocrisy when it comes to sound judgment:


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