Religion: It’s About Having Faith in the Unknown… Unless You’re a Jerk

Some wise words from comedian Sarah Silverman:


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An Atheist, a Muslim, and a Jew Walk Onto a Radio Show…

The other day, my podcast co-host Jessica Bluemke appeared on Interfaith Voices alongside two other young podcast hosts to discuss their religion-focused shows. She did a wonderful job and the other guests seemed really interesting, too. Not exactly the type of people you’d get into shouting matches with.


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German Pastafarians Are Suing Over the Right to Post Public Signs Advertising Their Meetings

Germany, which doesn’t have the kind of church/state separation that we do in the U.S., has signs right as you enter some cities telling you when local churches gather. The local Catholic Church, for example, meets at 10:30a on Sunday.

That’s why, back in 2014, a group of Pastafarians requested signs of their own in the city of Templin — and it worked!

But now, Brandenburg Culture Minister Sabine Kunst says the Pastafarians have no right to put up the signs because they’re not a real religion:

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A Dialogue Between Two Guys Who Just Watched God’s Not Dead 2

Zack Ford and Jack Jenkins went to see God’s Not Dead 2 the other night. I assumed they both lost a bet, though they assured me that wasn’t the case. They just wanted to see what all the hype was about.

Afterwards, they talked about the film and shared their conversation on ThinkProgress:


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Trooper Fired for Proselytizing On the Job Gets Public Support: “I Wish Other Officers Would Do That!”

Lots of people in Connersville, Indiana, are upset or puzzled about the firing of police officer Brian Hamilton. A 14-year veteran of the force, Hamilton was kicked out after he wouldn’t stop preaching the gospel to people he pulled over for alleged traffic infractions.

Even after his superiors told him to stop because he was clearly violating citizens’ First and Fourth Amendment rights, Hamilton went right back to giving unsuspecting motorists his Jesus schtick.

Says one woman interviewed by WRTV, the local ABC channel:

I wish other officers would do that. Maybe it might touch my kids’ heart that they would [get to] church and give their heart to God.”

The interviewer then asks, not unreasonably, whether that should be the role of a police officer. And she responds, without even letting him finish,

“It should be the role of anybody.”


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