Georgia School District Admits Wrongdoing Over Mass Baptism Before Football Practice

A couple of weeks ago, First Baptist Villa Rica (a church in Georgia) posted a video of a pastor showing up at Villa Rica High School right before football practice in order to conduct a mass baptism that included players and a coach.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Carroll County School System and the District said it would investigate the situation.

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The United Church of Bacon Has Tripled in Membership… Whatever That Means

I’ve had my disagreements with the United Church of Bacon, but I generally find parody religions amusing. (See: Oliver, John.)

What I don’t understand are the media reports that are touting “membership” in the church at 12,000 and counting — tripling in the span of a few months.

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Here’s How Jehovah’s Witnesses Rework Their Own Theology When It Stops Making Sense

Jehovah’s Witnesses have long believed that 1914 is the year Jesus began ruling in heaven. They also believe the people who were alive and baptized and witnessed the events of that year represent an “anointed” generation.

You may be aware of a belief among Christians that Jesus will return soon. Some of them say it’ll happen at some undetermined time in the future… but since 1975, the JW Watchtower Society has interpreted Matthew 24:34 to mean that Jesus will come back at some point during the lives of that “anointed” generation.

Maybe you can see the problem with this. There aren’t many people (much less JWs) left who were alive in 1914 and old enough to understand events like the outbreak of World War I. So what do you do if you’re a religious leader?

You reinterpret everything… even if your current interpretation is already stretched very thin.

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Rick Santorum Vanishes (Politically)

Uber-pious presidential hopeful Rick Santorum may not feel hopeful much longer. Here, from the New York Times, is manna for Schadenfreude fans — a passage from a news article on his campaign to get nominated noticed in Iowa, a state where he’s currently polling around one percent despite his strategy to hold town hall meetings in all 99 counties:

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Catholic Bishop: When Priests Sexually Abuse Children, It’s Partly the Kids’ Fault

I thought it was pretty bad when, last year, a Catholic Bishop testified under oath that he wasn’t sure if raping a child was a crime.

I just heard something worse.

In 2011, when Syracuse, New York Bishop Robert Cunningham (below) was testifying in a lawsuit against another priest in his diocese who was accused of sexually abusing a child, Cunningham was asked the simplest question in the world… and botched it in the worst possible way:

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