Catholic School in U.K. Orders Students to Ditch “Inappropriate” Designer Bags

The vulgar display of (some) earthly baubles is off-limits at a Catholic School in England, we learn via the New York Post.

The headmaster at a Catholic school in England has banned chic designer bags after too many girls returned from Christmas break toting pricey brand-name purses.

No word on boys sporting non-Casio watches or girls wearing pearls. Feels a bit random, then.

Dermot McNiffe declared that flashy bags such as Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker and Gucci, are not suitable for carrying binders and textbooks at the the All Saints’ Academy in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and should be replaced by more “appropriate” book-bags like an Adidas backpack.


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Hey, Coaches: Here’s a Legal Way for Student Athletes to Pray Before a Game

Over the past several years, we’ve heard so many stories of public school coaches who lead or participate in prayers with their athletes. It’s illegal every time since it’s a form of coercion. And every time it happens, there seems to be confusion over what church/state separation groups want. They’re not, in fact, trying to [Read More…]

Italian Official Compares Surrogate Parents To Sex Offenders

Well, this is a new one.

Angelino Alfano, the interior minister of Italy, had an incendiary reaction to a proposal that would allow people in same-sex relationships as well as unmarried heterosexual couples to adopt their partner’s child. He essentially called for stepchild adoption to be banned nationwide and equated surrogacy to a sex crime.


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What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?

We know what religious leaders claim the Bible says about sex. But what does the book actually say? More importantly, what does it leave out?

Theologian Matthew O’Neil has written a book discussing what the Bible says about everything from birth control to homosexuality to circumcision. It’s called What the Bible Really Does (and Doesn’t Say) about Sex: The How, When, Why, and With Whom of Scriptural Prohibitions and Permissions (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015):


In the excerpt below, which is reprinted without footnotes, O’Neil tackles the question: What does the Bible say about abortion?

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Archbishop Attributes Domestic Violence to Women Wanting Divorces and a Lack of “True” Marriages

Late last month, Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez Plaza of Toledo decided to address the topic of domestic violence in a sermon. Which sounds like a great idea, not least of all since it’s been reported that at least 50 Spanish women died as a result of domestic violence last year.


The great idea remained just that, though, since the sermon itself was a disaster. As far as Rodriguez Plaza was concerned, the issue largely came down to two things:

(1) There aren’t enough “true” marriages out there.

(2) There’s too much independence among women.

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