Can You Beat “Science Kombat”?

You know how you’ve always imagined Charles Darwin and Nikola Tesla in an all out Fight Club-level brawl? (Just me?)

Then you’re gonna love Science Kombat:


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Religious Freedom… to Burn Our Own Witches

Nothing like a little Roy Zimmerman to start your day. In this song, he talks about the fight for religious freedom… to oppress other people:


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North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Says New Discriminatory Bathroom Law Actually Stops Discrimination

It’s a familiar refrain from the religious bloc accustomed to extraordinary privilege in American society: equality is discrimination, loss of privilege is persecution, and calling them out on intolerance is itself intolerant.

When North Carolina passed a “religious freedom” bill targeted at LGBT residents of the state, banning anti-discrimination ordinances and forcing “transgender people to use the bathroom of the opposite sex,” decent people everywhere were predictably disgusted. What those people didn’t realize is that they were the ones actually supporting discrimination.


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“Persecute Me, Please”: Regarding God’s Not Dead 2, Neil Carter Is, Well, Deadly

While I enjoyed reading skeptic Neil Carter‘s entire 3,000-word post about the evangelical flick God’s Not Dead 2, there were two passages in particular that hit me with the force of truth well told.

Here they are:


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Judge Rules That Los Angeles County Supervisors Cannot Add a Christian Cross to the Official Seal

For almost a decade now, this has been the seal of Los Angeles County in California:

There’s a lot going on there, but check out the center right image. That’s supposed to represent the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, a Catholic mission dating back hundreds of years. It’s conspicuously missing a cross because, from 1987-2009, the actual building didn’t have one (due to it being destroyed in an earthquake, then stolen). It wasn’t until 2009 that the cross was restored on the building.

In 2014, some members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors wanted to change the seal to reflect that. Which is verrrrry convenient considering how often Christians try to get crosses on government seals…

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