School Board Member: Atheists Can “Crawl Back Into Their Hellhole” If They Oppose “Christmas Break”

At last night’s meeting of the Millard School Board in Omaha, Nebraska, there was a push to rename winter break “Christmas break.”

I take that back. It was more than a nudge from just one guy: Board member Paul Meyer. But damn, was he angry about it.


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Ted Cruz Defends Choice of Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist as a Foreign Policy Advisor

Last week, we examined some of the people Ted Cruz was leaning on for foreign policy advice, and a common theme among many of them was their intense animosity toward Muslims. Among those luminaries was Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy — a group that, like Gaffney, largely focuses on spinning outlandish anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.


So why would Cruz listen to the foreign policy advice of someone who believes our government is full of Muslim Brotherhood agents and President Obama is a secret Muslim (or capitulating to Muslims)? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wondered the same thing.

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Utah Governor Signs Law Making “In God We Trust” License Plates Cheaper to Purchase

Yesterday, Utah’s Governor Gary R. Herbert signed into law H.B. 127, making license plates with the phrase “In God We Trust” a standard option, not subject to the $5 surcharge like other specialty plates.


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Ken Ham: Atheist Opposition Resulted in a Bigger, Better Creation Museum

In a rant last night, Creationist Ken Ham went off on atheists, simultaneously blaming us for suppressing the “truth” of Noah’s Ark while crediting us for inspiring a bigger, better Creation Museum than the one he had originally set out to build:


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Full Frontal Features American Atheists at CPAC: “In Any Movement, You Need People Who Are Dicks”

On last night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a segment done in the style of a Werner Herzog “German” film was devoted to American Atheists and their time at CPAC (the conservative conference) earlier this month. That’s where David Silverman and Amanda Knief attempted to convince Republicans to stop ignoring and demonizing the non-religious.

While the atheists were the butts of a few jokes, I don’t think they’ll say they were misrepresented in the segment, which is really all you can ask for. The best part may have been how they openly admitted to being dicks.


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