Let’s Debunk the “Christian Persecution” Court Cases That Inspired the “God’s Not Dead” Films

One of the biggest complaints critics have of God’s Not Dead and its sequel is that both films suggest a kind of Christian persecution that just doesn’t exist in real life.

No philosophy professor would ever force you to say God doesn’t exist, just like no atheist group would sue a teacher over a harmless mention of Jesus in the classroom.

But the filmmakers insist this sort of anti-Christian discrimination happens all the time. Just to prove it, in both films, the closing credits include a list of court cases supposedly documenting this very thing.


It’s time to debunk this myth that Christian persecution is real.

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Danish Atheists Are Helping People Avoid Paying a Church Tax; Religious Leaders Are Freaking Out

In Denmark, a portion of your taxes automatically go to the Evangelical Lutheran Church… unless you choose to opt out of it. But that requires paperwork, which most atheists don’t know about or don’t do. It’s like escaping the Mormon Church — a lot of people who are no longer part of it just don’t want to deal with the hassle of making it official.

Enter the Ateistisk Selskab (the Danish Atheist Society). They set up a website to streamline the whole process. Just tell them some personal information, they’ll fill out the form for you, you send an email to your local church office, and that’s it!


The best part about the website? It’s having an effect.

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A Historic Arizona Church Was Tagged with Satanic-Themed Graffiti

The historic San Xavier Mission in Tucson, Arizona was tagged with Satanic graffiti a couple of nights ago. It wasn’t just vandalism against a church; it was desecration of a local landmark. And to make matters worse, the graffiti included Satanic messages.


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Indiana Cop Who Can’t Stop Preaching to People He Pulls Over Has Finally Been Fired

A quick update for you on a story we posted yesterday.

Indiana State Trooper Brian Hamilton — the guy who preached to people he pulled over, got punished for it in 2014, then did it again earlier this year — has finally been fired.


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Can You Beat “Science Kombat”?

You know how you’ve always imagined Charles Darwin and Nikola Tesla in an all out Fight Club-level brawl? (Just me?)

Then you’re gonna love Science Kombat:


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