Magnetic Energy Directed Into Your Brain Can Reduce Your Religious Beliefs, Say Researchers

Someone let the Insane Clown Posse know that magnets may have the power to steer people away from God.

According to researchers from UCLA and York, directing magnetic energy into certain parts of the brain can reduce the likelihood that you believe in religious nonsense:

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Lamar Odom is Fighting for His Life After Overdosing on “Herbal” Viagra

Last night, Lamar Odom, the former NBA champion who used to be married to Khloé Kardashian, was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel. He’s currently on life support.

The cause? According to multiple reports, Odom had taken some sort of herbal Viagra, a “natural” product that likely wasn’t tested in any meaningful way. In fact, the Food & Drug Administration urged people earlier this year to avoid it entirely:

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Atheist Group Gives $20,000 Donation to Doctors Without Borders Following Hospital Bombing

Kudos to the Freedom From Religion Foundation and its new humanitarian arm Nonbelief Relief for making a $20,000 donation to Doctors Without Borders following the accidental U.S. bombing of one of its hospitals in Afghanistan:

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Anti-Gay Christian Group One Million Moms

Last night, Stephen Colbert went after the anti-gay Christian group One Million Moms (which has just over 3,000 Twitter followers) for its overreaction to a delightful Campbell’s Soup ad featuring two gay dads:

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Archbishop Sets Restrictions for When Priests Should Deny Communion to Catholics

It’s hard for me to feel bad for those who have been denied communion by Catholic priests. It’s a silly ritual to begin with, taking a bite of Jesus, but if you’re someone who doesn’t follow or accept Catholic teachings in a certain area, then not receiving communion ought to be the least of your worries. It’s embarrassing when the denial happens publicly, but it ultimately has the same effect of parents telling children that their imaginary friends can’t come out and play unless they eat their broccoli.

Still, that’s been the standard punishment for self-described Catholics who support abortion rights or marriage equality.

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