Creationist Ken Ham, in Ironic Tweet, Says Skeptics “Can’t Think Logically for Themselves”

Creationist Ken Ham actually said this:


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John Oliver Explains Why Donald Trump’s Wall Won’t Work on Any Level

Silly John Oliver, trying to debunk Donald Trump‘s Great Wall using facts and humor…

The Last Week Tonight host took another crack at Drumpf last night by exploring the actual policy issues surrounding the Wall. Will Mexico pay for it? (Not a chance.) How much will it cost? (Lots more than Trump says.) Will it work? (No.) And how will it affect Texans? (Just wait till you see the golf course!)


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Podcast Ep. 99: Anthony Magnabosco, Street Epistemologist

Our latest podcast guest is Anthony Magnabosco, a Street Epistemologist. He’s like a preacher you might run across on your college campus, except he’s not trying to convert you. He just wants to ask you questions about religion and get you to think. He posts videos of these interactions on YouTube and they’re fascinating to watch, in part because he deconstructs what went right and wrong each time.


We spoke with Anthony about his surprising goals when it comes to chatting with people about religion, why people would ever talk to him at all, and whether debates about God are ever useful.

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God’s Divine Plan Could Use Some Revisions

Long-Term Planning FlattenedThumb

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People Magazine Removes Article with Kristin Cavallari’s Unsafe Recipe for Goat’s Milk Baby Formula

Kristin Cavallari, a celebrity who’s basically famous for being famous, writes in her new book Balancing in Heels that she fed her newborn baby a kind of homemade formula that included goat’s milk. It’s the latest in a string of awful decisions that includes not vaccinating her children because she fears they’ll become autistic (a link that’s never ever ever been found).


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