What Ta-Nehisi Coates, an Atheist, Can Teach Us About Social Advocacy

Ta-Nehisi Coates is undeniably one of the strongest and most influential voices on racial inequality today. He also is one of the most polarizing. For those who have followed the career of The Atlantic‘s Coates — or, indeed, this blog — it’s far from a revelation that he is an atheist. This isn’t news. He’s written at length on his position, both as standalone pieces and social media posts. With the publication of his new book Between the World and Me, though, this element of his identity has once more come to the forefront in a manner worth interrogating.

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To Counter California Drought, Some Farmers Are Resorting to “Water Witches”

It’s said that desperate times call for desperate measures. In California, where farmlands have been ravaged by an ongoing drought, the desperation is certainly palpable. With government irrigation assistance cut off or strictly limited, farmers are looking for anything that will help their plants to grow. Even, as it turns out, magic:

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Texans Oppose Muslim Cemetery for All Sorts of Racist, Ignorant Reasons

This is what Islamophobia actually looks like.

In Farmersville, Texas, just outside of Dallas, there’s a proposal by the Islamic Association of Collin County to build a cemetery in the town. That shouldn’t be a concern. After all, there are Catholic cemeteries all over the place and you’ll never hear a single complaint about them.

But, you know, Muslims are brown. So. Um… logic.

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After Coaches Repeatedly Push Christianity on Players, Georgia School District Will Pay Costly Penalty

Last year, we learned about a public high school football team that was just overwhelmingly infused with religion. And there was proof.

Like a picture of a team prayer (that included coaches):

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Pedophile-Protecting Former Archbishop Allegedly Cruised for Gay Sex in the ’80s

We’re used to the Catholic Church covering up sex scandals. So when an archdiocese says it’s “considering” the release of affidavits about a former archbishop’s sexual behavior, you have to wonder what’s going on beneath the surface.

John Nienstedt (below) resigned his position as Archbishop of Minneapolis and St. Paul last month, ten days after Ramsey County (which includes the city of St. Paul) filed a lawsuit against the archdiocese. The lawsuit stated that the archdiocese had failed to protect children from abusive priests.

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