Ted Cruz Chooses His Foreign Policy Advisers and Oh My God We’re So Screwed

Yesterday, Ted Cruz announced his “national security coalition” advisers, and they’re almost as scary as Donald Trump’s chief foreign policy adviser: Himself.


The coalition, which “will advise Cruz on foreign policy issues,” is composed of a variety of former military experts, political and security analysts, and politicians.

They’re well-suited to advising the man who wants to “carpet bomb” ISIS, as support for invading (or at least bombing) Middle Eastern countries is practically a requirement for joining this club. Elliot Abrams, for instance, was not just a major player in the Iraq war, but he’s been yearning for a war with Iran for some time now.

And even when there are dissenters in the “sure-let’s-bomb-them-to-oblivion” crowd, there’s still plenty to give you pause. Like their views on Muslims.

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Examples of Evolution Right on Our Own Bodies

This is neat! A new video from Vox shows examples of natural selection that appear right before our eyes:


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A Record-High 65% of Americans Now Accept That Human Activity Contributes to Climate Change

According to a new poll by Gallup, Americans are taking global warming more seriously than ever before.

More importantly perhaps, since it could lead to policy change, 65% of Americans now accept that “increases in the Earth’s temperature over the last century are primarily attributable to human activities rather than natural causes.” That’s an incredible 10 point jump from just a year ago:


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Come Quietness: A Poem

In that vast stretch of darkness,
Absolute nothingness
Before life,
I was a possibility.
A probability of genes.


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Since the Baby, My Mind is Full of New Thoughts

In a piece for Cosmo that has nothing to do with religion, I wrote about thoughts I never had until I became a father:


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