Need an Exorcism? This Handy Guide Will Help You Figure It Out

Quick question? How can you tell if you’re really demon-possessed?


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Here’s Why I’m Not Bothered by Reason Rally Speakers Who Aren’t Always Promoting Reason

Four years ago, when the speakers were announced for the 2012 Reason Rally, a lot of people complained about some of the names on the list.


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Why We’re Trying to Remove Bible Classes from New Zealand Public Schools

Noting that Richard Dawkins and Cardinal Pell became conveniently ill just as they were mentioned on your blog, we are nervous about doing the same. However, we cannot resist a chance to tell about an unnecessary law written in New Zealand in 1877 that is finally getting challenged in court thanks to our Secular Education Network.

David Hines, a Christian who also calls himself a friendly atheist, is seen here handing out anti-missionary pamphlets at the bicentennial of the first Christian service in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. He was escorted off the beach by the local Maori chief’s security guard. (JAFA is a local acronym for Just Another Fucking Aucklander).

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Donald Trump, Whose Own Faith is Questionable, Asks of Mitt Romney: “Are You Sure He’s a Mormon?”

At a rally in Salt Lake City yesterday, Donald Trump called out former Presidential candidate and current political opponent Mitt Romney by asking the crowd if Romney was really a True Mormon™.


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Sen. Al Franken Called Out Republican Obstructionism to Their Faces and It Was Glorious

It’s one thing for Senate Republicans to pretend that they’re taking an honorable stand by not holding confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. It’s another thing altogether when they’re confronted on their hypocrisy by one of their fellow senators.

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) laid into the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, challenging them on how this isn’t about principle at all. It’s about obstruction and nothing more.


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