Send Us Your Heathen Holiday Cards!

As you may recall, last holiday season, Friendly Atheist featured a series called Heathen Holiday Cards, and the response was outstanding!

We featured the secular holiday cards from viewers like you, whether they were funny, subversive, or sweet.

Like this one:

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Catholic Priests Played a Part in IRA Killings, New BBC Documentary Reveals

Imagine: You’re a priest. A group of Catholic terrorists has kidnapped another victim who they believe is a traitor. After a few days of violent interrogation, they’re ready to kill him and “disappear” his body. The devout terrorists ask you to come to their hideout to give the victim his last rites; they say that now that they’re done with him, they don’t mind him going to heaven.

Do you go?

Morally, it isn’t a black-and-white issue.

It is your belief that if you do what’s asked, you’ll save a man’s eternal soul. You’ll also buy influence with the terrorists, potentially giving you a chance to affect the outcome of future kidnappings.

But you also know that by providing your religious services, you’ll be making it easier for the captors to pull the trigger — and visit deep, prolonged anguish upon the murdered man’s family, who’ll never know what happened to him. Plus, you’ll make it easier for the gang to kill future victims.

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It Turns Out Atheists Are Big Fans of a Popular Bible App

Over the summer, Paul Fidalgo posted about a popular Bible app called YouVersion — which, despite having the worst app name ever, was still incredibly useful to anyone who wanted a portable Bible.

It turns out a lot of those users are atheists and they’re not using the app in the way the creator intended:

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Giant Christ Statue On Syrian Mountain Cost (Maybe) More Than a Million Dollars; ‘Jesus Would Have Done It’

If you’re interested in gazing up at a 40-feet bronze statue of Jesus, try to get to Syria before al-Qaeda fundies blow it up.

From the Washington Post:

A giant bronze statue of Jesus has gone up on a Syrian mountain, apparently under cover of a truce among three factions in the country’s civil war.

The gargantuan Son of God was resurrected erected on Cherubim mountain a few weeks ago, positioned on a base that brings the top of his head to 105 feet. The whole project is, as they say, a leap of faith.

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School-Bus-Driving Pastor Who Prayed With Captive Kids Is Shocked To Be Out of a Job

“A violation of my freedom of speech.”

That’s how school bus driver George Nathaniel, who is also a pastor for two Minneapolis churches, sees his firing.

Nathaniel was in his second year of bus driving. Despite an earlier warning from the transportation company that employed him, he never stopped inviting kids to pray with him on the way to school.

After receiving a complaint from the district about the prayers, the bus company, Durham School Services, gave Nathaniel a warning and assigned him two new bus routes. …

That didn’t dissuade Nathaniel. “I let them know I am a pastor and I am going to pray,” he said.

Praying is fine, of course. However, if you’re an authority figure to children and you represent the school, as Nathaniel did, it’s against the law to do it out loud, invitation-style, on a school bus — a vehicle on which public-school kids are your captive audience. The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause says so.

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