David Barton: Violent Crime Was Reduced by 75% in Las Vegas Due to “Biblical Teachings”

Did you know violent crime in Las Vegas has dropped by 75%?

(Since when? I don’t know. From what to what? Who cares.)

More important, did you know this is all happening because of Jesus?!

(How do we know that? We don’t.)

That’s the claim made by Christian pseudo-historian David Barton on “The Patriot and The Preacher” radio show recently:


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What Does Donald Trump Really Know About His Own Christian Faith?

Donald J. Trump is a lot of things. He’s a real estate magnate, a billionaire investor, a reality television star, and, this election cycle, he’s convinced millions of evangelical Americans he’s a fundamentalist Christian deserving of one of the most important voting blocs for the Republican Party.


Trump wasn’t expected to be the most popular candidate for strong Christians, whom pundits and strategists thought would prefer Senator Ted Cruz, a Southern Baptist who often emphasizes religion in his speeches. But Trump proved more influential among Christians than anticipated by securing important praise from Christian leaders and then making a strong showing on Super Tuesday, when he won a number of contests, including those in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia — states with large Christian populations.

We know Trump is a Presbyterian, and that he has praised his religion and the Bible in the past, but what does he really know about his faith? And why are many conservative voters, who often find religion important when selecting a candidate, eager to accept his belief as genuine?

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Donald Trump’s Warm-up Act Tells Crowd Bernie Sanders “Doesn’t Believe in God” and Must Be “Saved”

At a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina this morning, his opening act, pastor and televangelist Mark Burns, told the crowd that Bernie Sanders “doesn’t believe in God,” adding, “Bernie gotta get saved. He gotta meet Jesus… He gotta have a ‘coming to Jesus’ meeting.”

Bernie Sanders, of course, is Jewish. He has never said he’s an atheist.

You can see the comments at the 5:28 mark in the video below:


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A Skeptics Group Has Been Documenting Televangelist Peter Popoff’s Letters for the Past Year

If you loved John Oliver‘s brilliant segment on the con game of televangelists, you’ll appreciate this story.

The UK-based Good Thinking Society (founded by Simon Singh) has been investigating the ministry of Peter Popoff for the past year.


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Catholic School Basketball Team Fans Yelled “You Killed Jesus” at Opponents They Thought Were Jewish

Friday night’s basketball game in Massachusetts between Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury and Newton North High School went to the Catholic hosts (ha, hosts — see what I inadvertently did there?). But despite winning the match 77-73, the Catholic team can be said to have lost, too.

That’s because the home team fans jeered “You killed Jesus” at the visiting students. Newton North High School has many pupils who are Jewish.


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