A Passenger Nearly Died in a Car Explosion, but Don’t Worry! His Bible Escaped Without a Scratch

A hit-and-run accident in Memphis, Tennessee nearly cost a man his life on Sunday afternoon when his vehicle ran off the road, hit a pole, and burst into flames. Several onlookers ran to the car but initially struggled to unpin the man from underneath the steering wheel. Thankfully, though, they eventually pulled the man to safety.

Now we can talk about his incredible escape, or the dozen brave strangers who stopped to help him, or how the driver who caused the accident got away.

But the media is mostly concerned about how God made an appearance at the scene, forming a protective force field around a Bible that was on the passenger seat.


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An Arkansas State Senator is Trying to Crowdsource Funding for a Ten Commandments Monument

It was nearly a year ago when Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert (a Republican, of course) filed a bill to install a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol, similar to what the state of Oklahoma once had:


That bill eventually passed, despite the potential legal challenges. After all, the government is forbidden from promoting Christianity, which is all this monument is doing. The Supreme Court once said that a similar monument was legal because it had been up for decades and was surrounded by other historical displays, but that won’t be the case in Arkansas.

So far this has just been all talk. The monument may be legal in the state, but it doesn’t exist yet. And that’s why Rapert is now trying desperately to crowdsource funding for the Ten Commandments monument (on behalf of a private company).

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Georgia Lt. Governor Claims Victory Over “Radical” Atheists After Senate Passes Pro-Christian Bill

Last November, Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle threw atheists under the bus with a fundraising letter stamped with the line, “Don’t Let Atheists Ban Georgia’s Football Chaplains.” He was referring to Freedom From Religion Foundation’s campaign calling out public universities that have Christian chaplains (some of whom are paid) preaching to the football team. In other words, his letter was basically saying, “Let the state promote Christianity through public university football teams.”

The state Senate just passed SB 309, which allows athletes at public schools to put religious symbols on their uniforms. It’s a ridiculous bill which would inevitably result in Christian students turning a team sport into a game of one-upmanship over who publicly loves Jesus the most.

It’s no surprise, then, that Cagle loves it. He wrote this on his Facebook page a few days ago:


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Get Ready for the David Barton School Of Political Science

David Barton, the Christian pseudo-historian whose own understanding of history is so warped that his publishers had to yank his Thomas Jefferson book off the shelves because of all the errors, will soon be the namesake for a school of political science.

The David Barton School of Political Science will be a part of Arkansas’ Ecclesia College.


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South Carolina and Nevada Paint Ominous Picture of the 2016 Election

The results from Saturday night are not shocking. In both Nevada and South Carolina, the outcome was predictable. Hillary Clinton pulled off the win for the Democrats, even if by a smaller margin than would have been expected a month ago. Donald Trump won by a much larger margin, more or less aligning with what the polls had been saying. No surprises.

That is, unless you look below the surface. When you go beyond the vote tallies to turnout and demographics, the results get a little more disconcerting.


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