Judge Says Atheists May Continue Legal Challenge to Christian Monument Outside Florida Courthouse

A group of atheists in Florida have been given a green light to proceed with a legal challenge against a Ten Commandments monument outside the Levy County Courthouse:

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Ohio Legislator Cuts off Christian Invocation Speaker After He Won’t Stop Praying

A couple of weeks ago, an atheist in Tennessee delivered an invocation address, only to be cut off by the Mayor before her time was up. (It received little media coverage.)

Now a similar thing has happened to a Christian pastor in Ohio and everyone’s up in arms about it.

Pastor B.J. Van Aman of the Pickerington Baptist Temple in Ohio gave an invocation prayer in the State House that Just. Kept. Going.

Eventually, he overstayed his welcome to the point that House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (on the far right in the image below) had to ask him to stop. You can see it happen in the video below around the 6:50 mark.


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The View Discusses Whether or Not an Atheist Can Be President

I tensed up when I heard that The View was discussing whether or not an atheist could be President. After all, this is the show where co-host Candace Cameron Bure attempted to defend Creationism just a couple of months ago.

But the discussion turned out to be both relevant and not-totally-horrible. Relevant because two of the current frontrunners are not known for their religiosity (though Donald Trump would love to convince the Republican base otherwise). And not horrible because some of the panelists made clear that the President didn’t necessarily have to share their faith to do a good job.

Even Cameron Bure made some sense.


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This is an Easy Way to Modernize the Bible

Mallory Ortberg, who frequently rewrites Bible passages for amusement, decided to replace “fear not” with “Um. Yikes.”


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Why Would a Nurse Ever Say This to a Patient?

The Mighty asked readers to share a moment when they were in the hospital and something awkward happened. One reader who suffers from mitochondrial disease sent in this disturbing story about a nurse she once had:


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