Better to Let Kids Play in Traffic Than Let Them Skip Church, Christian Blogger Writes

It’s not a secret that many Christians are terrified of letting their kids make up their own minds about the question of God.

It’s not a secret that many seem to feel, instinctively, that without constant, repetitive drilling of faith concepts into their kids’ heads from the earliest possible age, they will not believe. In effect, they’re saying that the argument for God is not persuasive enough on the basis of reason, evidence, and logic, but must instead be force-fed to children from infancy before they develop a way to ask questions or form a rebuttal.

Or, as the Bible puts it, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

And while this is, I’m happy to report, not strictly true (certainly not exclusively, as myself and many other former believers can attest), it’s a pretty deeply entrenched concept all the same. To do anything less than indoctrinate kids as soon you can is to risk their soul — because children left to examine the evidence and arguments for religion on their own are children who may reject it. By not passing along your faith, you’re avoiding your greatest duty as a parent: preserving your children’s souls. In short, reason, evidence, and freethought be damned when souls are on the line.

It’s bad enough on its own, and it certainly reflects poorly on the perceived strength of religious arguments. But then you find parents justifying this bad idea with a full-on embrace, taking it to conclusions that are so much worse.

Parents like Christian blogger James Uglum, who recently wrote a piece describing why letting children skip church is a monstrous thing. Worse, in fact, than letting them play in rush-hour traffic.


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John Kasich Tells Atheist He Opposes Kim Davis-Style Discrimination

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

He asked John Kasich about his faith, separation of church and state, and whether government employees like Kim Davis should be allowed to discriminate against others on the basis of religion. The event took place at the Czech Museum in Cedar Rapids.

Kasich gave an honest answer that probably represents the least frightening form of Republican religiosity we’ve seen this election cycle.


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Ohio Seminary Student Arrested After Trying to “Adopt” Female Infants for Sex

A Columbus, Ohio seminary student was arrested in San Diego on Friday, en route to Tijuana where he was attempting to purchase a female infant to have sex with.

Joel Wright, who was discerning ordination for the priesthood at Pontifical College Josephinum until being suspended upon arrest, used Craigslist ads to seek out a child but was unknowingly interception by undercover detectives.

This wasn’t Wright’s first attempt at illegally “adopting” a baby. An anonymous tipster told Homeland Security Investigations that he met Wright in Tijuana in 2014 and was given an adoption fee but didn’t hold up his end of the bargain by delivering a baby. Wright went home empty handed, but it didn’t end there.


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Islamic Terrorist Group Boko Haram Burns Children Alive, So Why Don’t More People Care?

When the media and politicians discuss Islamic terrorism, they conjure specific images: Middle Eastern men, dressed in the traditional garb of the region, shouting in Arabic as they wreak havoc across their native lands. It’s a myopic view of Islamic extremism that has fostered intense racism and xenophobia, especially in the U.S. But the threat of Islamic extremism extends far beyond what flashes across our TV screens. Say what you will about ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah — the names with which the public has become familiar. As recent events underscore, Boko Haram may just be the most brutal extremist group operating today.

If you’re unsettled by gruesome details or prone to nightmares, you might want to skip this.


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Jeb Bush Tells Atheist Voter That Christian Bakers Shouldn’t Have to “Participate” in Gay Marriage

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

He recently asked Jeb Bush his thoughts on separation of church and state and whether he supported business owners who discriminated against their customers on the basis of sexual orientation (as we saw in Indiana last year).

Bush said that church/state separation needed to be respected, but then confusingly added that Christian business owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay customers:


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