For the Colorado State House Candidate Who Thinks the Penalty for Homosexuality Is “Spiritual Death”…

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Republican nominee for the Colorado State House, made some awful comments on his show this week — you can see them for yourself here — so I made this just for him:

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Has This Happened To You? A Friend Paid Me a Backhanded Compliment: “You’re One of the Good Atheists.”

I consider Craig a friend of the family, mostly because “acquaintance of the family” is a weird term. We’re not close, but I’ve known Craig for six or seven years. He’s intelligent and affectionate and entrepreneurial and geeky and a little high-strung, a fast-talking man of ideas who is building his own quadcopter — one that, he says, is big enough to take his 175-pound frame into the skies. Every summer, Craig vacations on the East Coast island where I live. Then he disappears back home to California, and I don’t see him for 10 or 11 months.

He dropped by unannounced the other day, as he sometimes does. I don’t think we’d ever discussed religion or atheism, though I must have mentioned at some point that I’m not a believer. Apparently, that made an impression on Craig.

He sums up his genuinely warm feelings with a “Good to see you buddy” as we stand talking in my kitchen. And then, out of the clear blue sky: “You’re my favorite atheist.”

I think I arched an eyebrow. Maybe two.

“I am?”

“Yeah man. You know how I figured out that you’re one of the good ones?”

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New Study Shows That Children Exposed to Religion Have a Hard Time Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Five- and six-year-old children know that George Washington was a real person and Snow White is fictional.

But what if you told them this story?

God warned Noah about a flood that was going to cover the Earth. Noah and his wife built a giant boat and gathered two of every kind of animal before the flood came. They were very worried but Noah, his family, and all the animals drifted for days until they reached new land.

Real or pretend?

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News Anchor Offers His Take on Psychic Reading: “Awful! Not Even Close!”

I don’t know why they invite psychics on news programs, but at least WGN’s Larry Potash had the guts to call one out on her bullshit, not once, but twice!

Here’s the backstory: In 2010, psychic Char Margolis appeared on the WGN Morning News to promote her book Discover Your Inner Wisdom (the foreword’s written by John Edward of Crossing Over fame, so you *know* it’s quality material…). Potash knew she was faking it and had no problem saying as much during her reading:

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10 Memorable Moments When Religion Was Criticized on TV. The First Clip Shocked Me

Sorry for the clickbait-y title, but it’s true!

Of all the scripted TV shows to feature criticism of religion, the first one never even crossed my mind. The rest are mostly predictable, but a few were new to me, and I watched the whole video straight through. Lots of great material here:

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