Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Atheists Oppose His Noah’s Ark Theme Park Because We’re Anti-Christian

Ken Ham knows why atheist bloggers are so angry about Ark Encounter, his Noah’s Ark theme park set to open this summer.

It’s not because we think they’re getting a tax break despite their preferential Christian hiring. It’s not because they’re promoting nonsense that has no basis in science. And it’s not because the surrounding community is going to be screwed over as a result of the theme park.

It’s because we hate Christianity.


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Egyptian Justice Minister Fired After Joking That Even Muhammad Would Be Jailed for a Crime

Egypt’s Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zind wanted to show how seriously he took his job, which is why he said on Friday that anyone who broke the law would be prosecuted.


That was a bad idea.

Ahmed al-Zind in 2013

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Samantha Bee Explains How Everyone Dislikes Ted Cruz… Even God

Last night, Samantha Bee delved into the history of Ted Cruz and how unliked he is by damn near everyone who’s ever met him.

That includes current senators, Bob Dole, and God Himself.

Cruz really said this was one of his future aspirations.

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The Bracket is Set for the Most Anti-Church/State Separation Bills in America

Time to fill out your bracket!

The Secular Coalition for America is pitting against each other 16 state bills that promote religion through the government. Voters will get to choose the “Worst State Bill.”


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Slam Poet Eviscerates Religion in New Video

Harley Neville, a filmmaker and poet from New Zealand, just released an excellent video about the folly of religion called “Gravity.”


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