Tennessee Legislator Proposes Bill to Stop Non-Existent Islamic Indoctrination in Classrooms

Tennessee State Rep. Sheila Butt just introduced legislation that would prevent religious indoctrination in public schools. That sounds… wonderful, actually, since Christians have a habit of pushing faith in places it doesn’t belong.

But that’s not what Butt’s talking about.

She wants to put a stop to the Islamic proselytizing going on in high school World History classes, where students are taught (*gasp*) that Muslims worship Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.

You know. Indoctrination.

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University of Florida Building with Biblical Inscription Will Soon Have Atheist’s Quotation, Too

Earlier this year, I wrote about how the University of Florida (in Gainesville) had opened up a new building — Heavener Hall — for business education that greeted students with a Bible verse:

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Daily Caller Website Mocks Atheist Group’s Vandalized “Adopt a Highway” Signs

I know it’s the Daily Caller, a conservative website, and I’m not expecting to see any sympathy for atheists… but if there were a Christian cross vandalized in the same way as a California atheist group’s “adopt a highway” sign, do you think the writers there would be so flippant about it?

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Christian Evangelist Says There Are No Atheists

Clint Decker, the Christian evangelist who runs Great Awakenings ministries, would like all of you to know that you don’t exist.

At least he writes in a column that there are no atheists because everyone believes in something, whether it’s God or themselves.

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Atheists Help the Homeless in South East Texas

The South East Texas chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless had its first giveaway yesterday and it’s incredible how many items they had to help those less fortunate:

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