Charisma Editor: Stop Tempting Me With Cleavage! OH THE HUMANITY!

Charisma News, an online news resource for “passionate, Spirit-filled Christians,” recently published an article about how women need to stop tempting men in church with their cleavage:

Here’s Shawn A. Akers:

“Any man who says he isn’t at least slightly affected by a scantily dressed woman… is either a eunuch, gay or someone who isn’t telling the truth.”

Victim blaming? Check.

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A Principal Allowed Her to Deliver Bible Readings on School Property Every Morning This Past Spring

I teach at a public high school and the visitor policy works like this: If you’re not a student or staff member, you must sign in at the front desk, show identification, and declare the intent of your visit. Even if a parent is just dropping off lunch for his child, those are the rules. They apply immediately before, during, and immediately after school. I hope it’s obvious that this is all for the safety of the people in the building.

Concord High School in New Hampshire has a similar policy, but one parent was coming on school grounds every morning this past spring (from February onward), was in contact with students as they entered the building, and no one did anything about it. In fact, the principal allowed her to do it.

Why did that happen?

Because the mother, Lizarda Urena, wanted to pray for everybody:

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Pastor Rick Warren: ‘We’re All Mentally Ill’

“We’re all mentally ill,” declared megachurch pastor Rick Warren this past weekend, when he returned to the pulpit 16 weeks after his 27-year-old son Matthew, who had mental-health problems, fatally shot himself. In his sermon, aimed at lessening the stigma of mental illness, Warren said,

In any other organ of your body there’s no shame or stigma if it breaks down… But if your brain doesn’t work, why are you ashamed of that? Why should there by any stigma attached to that? It’s just as much a part of your body as your heart and your liver.

Quite. I fell prey to clinical depression myself in 2006, an ordeal I won’t soon forget. Despite the patience and support of my wife and the sweet presence of our four-year-old daughter, I existed in bleakness and misery — laboring under a heavy, oppressive miasma that wouldn’t lift until, nine months in, physicians got my brain chemistry under control with medication that worked, in doses that provided permanent (?) relief from thoughts of suicide.

As a former depression sufferer, I applaud Warren’s words as true and well-spoken.

But he probably didn’t do the cause any favors when he explained what he meant by “We’re all mentally ill.” This is how he followed that remark:

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Pope Francis Didn’t Say Anything Radical About Homosexuality, So Stop Pretending He Did

I was out of town yesterday, so I missed out on most of the hoopla surrounding the Pope’s comments. But having had a chance to see the raw footage and how people are reacting, I wanted to put it in context, if for no other reason than to sort it out myself.

Early in the video, Pope Francis says (in Spanish):

If a gay person is a person of good will who seeks God, who am I to judge?

Those remarks, seemingly friendlier to the gay community than anything a Pope has said in the past, struck a nerve with a lot of people.

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What Would You Say to Your Former Religious Self?

Five years ago, YouTuber MrRepzion was a Christian who made videos defending his faith.

Today, he’s an atheist doing the exact opposite.

He just released a video in which he talks to his then-16-year-old self… and it’s awesome:

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