Sadly, the Church of Scientology Has Not Yet Lost Its Tax Exempt Status

A number of people sent me this breaking news yesterday with the shocking headline, “The United States Revokes Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status”!

That’s huge! That’s incredible! That’s… totally fake.


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Watch These Superstitious People Face Their Irrational Fears

I love this idea. BuzzFeed got a few superstitious people to conquer their fears. That meant walking under ladders and breaking mirrors… you know, things that are supposed to ruin your life but have no actual effect on them.


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Alberta Man Wants to Wear Oilers Cap in Driver’s License Photo Because Hockey is His Religion

There’s a reason so many Pastafarians have been able to get away with wearing strainers on their heads for driver’s license pictures: They say they belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s their religion, and it requires them to wear the head covering. And the government has no right to say otherwise.

Ken Egilsson is now using that same logic to say he should be allowed to wear an Edmonton Oilers cap for his own license picture in Alberta, Canada:


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During Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Her Son Said in His Eulogy, “I’m Not a Believer in the Supernatural”

Earlier today, at the funeral for former First Lady Nancy Reagan, her son Ron Reagan, Jr. gave a stirring eulogy. And after sharing a few stories about her life, he made a passing reference to his own atheism:


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Why Hillary Clinton’s Comments About Nancy Reagan and HIV/AIDS Were So Problematic

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton eulogized former First Lady Nancy Reagan by praising her advocacy for HIV/AIDS victims:


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