Legislation to Protect LGBT Hate Crime Victims May Fail in Utah Due to Mormon Church Opposition

A couple of weeks after the Mormon Church opposed a medical marijuana bill that could help ailing patients, one Utah legislator is saying the Church is responsible for denigrating a hate-crimes bill that would help LGBT individuals.


State Sen. Steve Urquhart, a Republican Mormon, blamed the Church for getting in the way of SB107:

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Ted Cruz Promises to Rescue Christians from “Persecution” if Elected President

Whatever it may mean in other parts of the world, or might have meant in other eras, Christian persecution in the United States today stands for one thing: That abhorrent concept that laws apply to Christians, too.

Luckily, there are stalwart champions of justice and freedom who are eager to rescue their fellow religionists from odious impediments like equality.


Champions like presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who on Wednesday discussed with Christian radio host Janet Medford what he called “government persecution” of Christians…

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Lawrence Krauss: Let’s Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court

Lawrence Krauss says on the New Yorker‘s website that President Obama should nominate an atheist for the Supreme Court. It would at least be a counter to the Catholic/Jewish Court we have right now.


His point is that we need a justice who will be logical and rational and make decisions based entirely on secular law without any religious influence:

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“Under God” Is Really Just Another Christian Prayer

It’s like atheists keep saying: The Pledge of Allegiance is nothing but a Christian prayer in disguise.


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A Year After an Atheist Author Was Killed, Bangladeshi Police Are Still Arresting the Wrong People

It was nearly a year ago that atheist author Avijit Roy was attacked and killed by Islamic extremists while leaving a Bangladeshi book fair.

What does that book fair look like now?


Well, nobody is selling Roy’s books this year.

And one of the stalls has been shut down because owners were selling a book that questioned Islam, thereby offending “religious sentiments.”

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