Following Deaths of Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers, Silence is Not an Option

Faraz Talat, writing for the Express Tribune in Pakistan, has a message in support of the Bangladeshi atheists whose lives are in danger — and really goes after liberals who refuse to condemn or speak out against the murders:

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NFL Star Arian Foster Has Come Out as an Atheist

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses NFL star Arian Foster coming out as an atheist.

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The War on Christmas Has Already Begun, Declares Fox News Host

I posted earlier about a Nativity Scene battle taking place in Belen, New Mexico. Mayor Jerah Cordova refuses to take down the government-sponsored Christian display because, he says, it’s part of the town’s history and isn’t at all a promotion of religion.

As if that makes any difference.

That didn’t stop Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck from declaring an early start to the annual Fox News-created War on Christmas:

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Anti-Gay Christian Lawmakers in Michigan Will Not Resign Despite Their Affair and Cover-Up

Last week, in the weirdest political sex scandal I’ve heard in a long while, it was revealed that Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser had an affair with the also-married Rep. Cindy Gamrat — both of whom are Christian conservatives fighting for “traditional” marriage. Courser attempted to keep their hookup under wraps by distributing a fake email alleging that he fucked a male prostitute. Because I assume that’s what it says in the GOP playbook somewhere.

It didn’t work. The whole story hit the media. And now there’s a question of what the politicians will do.

Yesterday, Rep. Gamrat issued a public statement (with her husband standing beside her) in which she announced she would not be stepping down.

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Target Makes a “Troll” Facebook Post of Its Own After Gender Neutrality Controversy

Did Target just tip its hat to the man who trolled their Facebook page earlier this week?

On Wednesday, we posted about how Mike Melgaard, a self described troll, took it upon himself to play customer service agent following the conservative outrage over Target ditching gender segregation in their toy and bedding aisles.

Mike, a.k.a. “Ask ForHelp,” posed as the retailer and created quite a comedic stir while shutting down the haters.

Shortly after Mike’s stunt went viral, Target posted this on Facebook:

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