Church Deflects Blame for Pedophile Priest by Arguing That He Was “Not On Duty”

In the 1980s, Chris Naples was sexually assaulted multiple times by Rev. Terence McAlinden, his one-time youth group leader through the Diocese of Trenton (New Jersey). A few years ago, Naples sued — in Delaware — because he said his Church sanctioned the visits there. The Church basically replied, “No we didn’t,” adding that McAlinden wasn’t working for them at the time (he was off duty), so they weren’t to blame.

So the matter at hand wasn’t whether the abuse happened; it was about whether Delaware was the proper jurisdiction for this case.

And that led to an incredible exchange this past January — only coming to light now — in which the Delaware Supreme Court judges asked an attorney for the Diocese of Trenton, “How do we determine when a priest is and is not on duty?”

Just listen to his jaw-dropping answer:

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Our Brains Are Magnificent Organs

What a privilege it is for each one of us to have in our heads an organ which is capable of constructing a model of the universe. - Richard Dawkins

The quotation comes from the film The Unbelievers, which is available today on Amazon and iTunes.

You can find this image and many others like it on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page!

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Hey, God, That Wasn’t a Bad First Draft, but…

Mike Lacher offers God some feedback on the Creation of the world:

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Gallup Poll: 42% of Americans Are Creationists

According to a Gallup poll just released today, 42% of Americans believe in Creationism, 31% of Americans believe in god-guided evolution, and 19% of Americans are actually right:

It’s only a slight improvement from two years ago, the last time Gallup checked these numbers, but within the margin of error (so who knows if there’s really any significant improvement).

We are still a country full of deluded people, though there’s a sliver of a silver lining:

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Mass Grave in Ireland Holds the Remains of 800 Out-of-Wedlock Children Who Died in the Care of Catholic Nuns

Years after a Galway-area Catholic home for unmarried Irish mothers closed its doors, two boys playing on the grounds made a gruesome discovery:

… partially broken concrete slabs covering a hollow — a disused septic tank — “filled to the brim with bones.”

So began the latest scandal to swirl around the Catholic Church, an institution whose reputation in Ireland and elsewhere is in tatters due to a gigantic child sex-abuse scandal and the subsequent cover-up. Irish Catholicism was also rocked by revelations about the cruelty and exploitation that were endemic in the Magdalene Laundries, which I previously wrote about here.

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