I’m Not Scared of Your Bible-Based Threats

Christians often remind you about the biblical consequences of not believing as they do…


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South Carolina Legislature on Verge of Passing “Refugee Registry”

We know anti-refugee sentiment in the U.S. is strong (unless , of course, the refugees are Christian). That’s not news. But the South Carolina Senate is demonstrating just how far it’s willing to go to prevent people who don’t share that sentiment, and it’s eye-opening.


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Donald Trump Congratulates Jewish Daughter on Her “Easter Baby”

We now have even more evidence that Donald Trump, who totally loves the Bible even more than his own book, doesn’t understand the basics of religion.

Yesterday, his daughter Ivanka Trump gave birth to a baby boy. That’s all well and good, but just listen to the reactions from her dad and supporter Sarah Palin, both of whom congratulated her on her Easter surprise.


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Muslim Man in U.K. Is Murdered For His Beliefs (But It’s Not What You Think)

Last Thursday night in Glasgow, an assailant stabbed local shopkeeper Asad Shah 30 times and stomped on his head, killing him.

Islamophobia? More like Ahmadiphobia: police say the murderer is a 32-year-old Sunni Muslim who became enraged by this message that Mr. Shah, an Ahmadi Muslim, posted on social media just four hours before his death:


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Religious Persecution in a Nutshell

Now You KnowThumb

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