God Should Really Make a List of His Creations

That awkward moment when you remember creating dinosaurs

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It Took a Polite Request Followed by a Lawsuit to Get This Public School to Stop Praying

What does it look like when Christianity is just ingrained in a public school?

At Swainsboro Primary School in Georgia last year, two teachers (kindergarten and first grade) led their students in prayer before the kids had lunch. There was just an automatic assumption that all the kids came from a religious background, even though that wasn’t the case at all. But when one family said something to the principal, the situation didn’t get any better:

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In Norway, An App That Makes Leaving Faith Easier Has Led to a Massive Decline in Church Membership

In Norway, where the Catholic Church currently owes the government more than $5 million for “fraudulently registering thousands of people on its membership lists,” it appears that thousands of people are breaking free from religion.

More than 11,000 people have resigned from church membership this year, a new record. And it’s not just because the Catholic Church is shooting itself in the foot.

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John Kasich Tells Medicaid Opponents to Read the Bible

John Kasich was never going to be the Republican nominee for president. The Ohio governor is currently polling at the bottom of the pack alongside Mike Huckabee in the latest PPP poll, and his most recent maneuver probably won’t help. What’s his sin? Telling the Religious Right to read their bibles.

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On CNN’s Reliable Sources, Host Wrongly Calls Oregon Shooter an Atheist Targeting Anyone Religious

Sunday’s episode of CNN’s news program Reliable Sources was mostly interesting, focusing on the dramatic decrease in media reporting of the Oregon college shooter’s name and face. This was a response to the gunman making clear he did this for fame, after wistfully writing online of the limelight won by other high-profile murderers. I expect this to be a trend for the future as we belatedly catch on to the problem.

But then, the usually reliable host Brian Stelter had this to say:

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