Christian Couple Gets Divorced and Husband Admits Guilt… So Why Is Anyone Blaming the Wife?

Last month, two popular Christian musicians, Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, announced that they would be getting divorced after 13 years of marriage. That’s not necessarily anyone’s business but their own, but a couple of points (that are public knowledge) may be worth mentioning here.

First, is a line from the couple’s announcement:

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This Presidential Candidate is Only Slightly Worse Than the Current Republican Slate

Darrell Trigg wants to become the next president.

And just wait till you hear his platform for the Christian Party:

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New Poll Highlights Religious Ignorance on Scientific Issues

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the disappointing results of a recent poll:

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Portrait Photographer Captures U.S. Purity Ball Couples — Fathers and Daughters. What Do You Think?

These subtly desaturated images are the work of Swedish photographer David Magnusson, who worked on his U.S. Purity Balls project on and off for a year. The photos will culminate in a book, scheduled to be released in August.

My (agnostic) friend Kristi, who spotted the portraits at Flavorwire, wrote me a message today saying she was nauseated and observed that “the dads’ hands/arms are wrapped around these girls like prison bars.”

But Magnusson may disagree:

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High School Baseball Coach Who Led Team in Prayer Will No Longer Be Doing That, Says District

A couple of days ago, I posted about the baseball dynasty at Owasso High School in Oklahoma.

Their coach Larry Turner had led the team to multiple state titles and a perfect season last year. But a profile of Turner in a local newspaper shed light on a troubling aspect of his leadership:

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