Tennessee Republican Wants to Revive Bill to Make the Holy Bible the Official State Book

Last year, following the lead of Republicans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, Tennessee State Rep. Jerry Sexton filed a bill to make the Holy Bible the official state book:


House Bill 615 didn’t ultimately go anywhere. It passed in the House, but the Senate did nothing with it, in part because even Attorney General Herbert Slatery said it was unconstitutional.

But a Republican politician now wants to try again.

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Climate Change Deniers on a Pennsylvania School Board Want More “Balanced” Science Textbooks

The Quakertown Area School District in Pennsylvania is having one of those meaningless fights about being fair and balanced in science classrooms. But it’s not about evolution this time; it’s about climate change.

The school board’s curriculum committee says it wants to adopt a textbook that shines a light on the “debate” surrounding global warming:


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We’re (Seriously) Giving Away a God’s Not Dead 2 Prize Package

The noxious fumes of rotten tomatoes must have led to a haze of confusion for the God’s Not Dead 2 folks who chose us, Friendly Atheist, to give away an official movie prize package to celebrate the film’s April 1st release — and we’re going with it.

So let’s do a thought bubble caption contest, shall we?


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India Supreme Court Won’t Prosecute Atheist Author Because They Have Better Things To Do

Taslima Nasreen is an atheist who holds little back in her public criticism of religion, especially Islam. The Bangladeshi-born author left the country more than two decades ago, now lives in India, and has been threatened multiple times since then. Yet she continues to speak out in defense of women and freethought.

For a while now, a group called the “All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front” has been trying to deport her and revoke her visa so she can never return.

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Courtroom Trial Delayed in India After Atheist Refuses to Take Oath on Bhagavad Gita

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An atheist doesn’t want to take an oath to God in a courtroom, preferring instead to put his hand on the Constitution. Somehow this creates a scene, as if he’s making some over-the-top request.

The only different is that, this time, it’s happening in India:


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