Did Albert Einstein Believe in God or Not?

You may have heard that a collection of letters written by Albert Einstein was sold at auction on Thursday for $420,000.

The contents of those letters include advice to his son, words of consolation to a friend whose husband cheated on her, and adjustments to certain math equations. But much of the focus in the media has been on what he said about God.

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A Primer on Christian Legal Defense Groups

With all the legal goings-on we write about on this website, it’s easy to get confused by the numerous Christian legal defense groups out there. Are there differences between them? What sort of cases do they take on? Which attorneys work for them?

Daniel Bennett, writing for Religion & Politics, has done a nice job of explaining the various groups out there and what makes them unique.

The biggest takeaway for me? The budgets for some of these groups are just ridiculously large.

Here’s just one example:

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A Paycheck’s a Paycheck…

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you worked for a company you knew was peddling bullshit?

(Image via PostSecret)

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Quebec Government Grants Certificate Allowing Raif Badawi to Live There… If He Can Get Out of Saudi Arabia

Now that the Saudi Supreme Court has upheld Raif Badawi‘s punishment of 1,000 lashes, 10 years in prison, and a 1,000,000 Saudi riyal fine (about $266,000) for the crime of “insulting” Islam, there’s a looming question of what, if anything, can be done to rescue him.

On Friday, his flogging was delayed (yet again, thank goodness) for some unknown reason. But until he’s freed entirely, there’s still reason to worry.

In the meantime, I’m happy to say that the government of Quebec has now taken the necessary steps to bring Badawi to their country:

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Lawyer for School District Accused of Endorsing Christianity Fails to Show Up at Mandatory Court Hearing

Last year, I posted about the Chino Valley Unified School District (in California), where Board of Education meetings resembled church services.

That’s not an exaggeration at all. Here’s just a snippet of what a meeting looked like:

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