For Some Christians, the Most Important Question Behind Robin Williams’ Death is Whether or Not He Accepted Jesus

Lost in all the mainstream media coverage of Robin Williams‘ death is the usual internal mutterings among Christian commentators about whether or not he was a believer.

An article on Charisma News speculates:

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Brevard County (FL) Commissioners Unanimously Vote to Block Atheists from Giving Invocations at Meetings

A few days ago, we learned that the Brevard County Commissioners in Florida (below) were going to limit their invocations to “faith-based” groups — and the Central Florida Freethought Community could only speak during the “Public Comments” portion of the evening.

Yesterday, during the Commission’s regular meeting, several people were there to speak out against the illegal policy.

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If Atheists Acted Like Religious People, It Would Look a Lot Like This

Dustin Curry, who took a road trip to Westboro Baptist Church earlier this year, is back with a video about what it would look like if atheists acted like religious people:

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Remembering Skeptics We’ve Lost Over the Past Year

At The Amazing Meeting every year, there’s a video presentation to remember notable skeptics, scientists, allies, and even “opponents” who have passed away since the previous meeting. This year’s video, made by Daniel and Cheryl Loxton, is below:

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Followers of the Religion of Peace Behead Another U.S. Journalist

In 2012, James Foley, a freelance journalist for GlobalPost, Agence-France Presse, went missing in Syria and was presumed kidnapped. Today, he showed up in a video released by ISIS.

CNN reports:

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