New Report Recommends Changes to Muslim Religious Schools in Bradford (England)

Last week, a report about the treatment of children in madrassas located in Bradford (a town in England) was released. Entitled Children Do Matter and being issued after a twelve-month period of research and consultation, the report was jointly produced by groups including the Bradford Council for Mosques, Bradford Safeguarding Children Board, National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and West Yorkshire Police.

Bradford and the West Yorkshire area in general has one of the highest Muslim populations in the UK. The 2001 census showed that 16.08% of the population identified as Muslim. To meet this demand, there are a large number of madrassas, some of which operate less reputably than others.

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Robert Ingersoll: Sounds Like Humanism

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What Does It Mean If Pope Francis Won’t Stop Talking About the Devil?

If you want to know whether Catholicism is about to get more conservative or liberal, don’t consider what the Church is saying about God. That stays more or less constant. Instead, look at what it has to say about the devil.

From that perspective, it seems like the Church is heading into a very conservative historical moment with Pope Francis at the helm.

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Should You Enter the Seminary? Edward Tarte Answers the Question

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Gay Without God

There’s a new godless online community and it’s focused on serving the needs of LGBTQ atheists. As Gay Without God founder Blake Gallagher puts it, it’s “a place generally for gay atheists to rally together and bond over a shared vision of the world: namely one comprised of a society that is secular, rational, and rooted in a science-based view of the world.”

The site offers discussion forums as well as blog posts dealing with life issues, science, religion, and politics. Here’s a sampling of recent posts: [Read more...]