Christian Blogger Dismisses Donald Trump as a “Godless” Tyrant

As cringe-worthy as it was to see Sarah Palin on stage last night endorsing Donald Trump for President, you have to admit it’s somewhat enjoyable to see the fringe elements of the Republican Party scrambling to figure out which horse to bet on.

Evangelicals have largely abandoned the politicians whose reputations are built around their faith — people like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum — and they’re coalescing around Trump, who couldn’t name his favorite book in the Bible, can’t speak the language of the religious base, and incorrectly referenced a Bible verse at Liberty University.


It’s driving right-wing Christian blogger Matt Walsh crazy, since he thinks Trump has no business in the White House. But it’s not because Trump is an insincere Christian. Instead, Walsh jumps to the other end of the spectrum and says Trump is godless.

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The Upside-Down Cross Outside a Florida City Hall Now Has a Government-Approved Disclaimer

Yesterday, I mentioned that activist Chaz Stevens had countered a Nativity scene, Christmas tree, and menorah outside City Hall in Hallandale Beach, Florida with a giant upside-down cross that reads “In Chaz We Trust. All others pay cash.”

That’s what happens when a local government allows religious displays on public property — they can’t say no when someone else makes a very unpopular request.

But get this: Last night, Stevens saw that the city had erected a sign next to his cross:

Hallandale-Satan-Cross-Day-One-No-Power (2003)

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After Ben Carson Tweets “In God We Trust” Support, Atheists Push Back with “E Pluribus Unum” Selfies

The other night, Dr. Ben Carson tweeted his support of the phrase “In God We Trust,” in response to news that atheist Michael Newdow was leading a team of people (mostly atheists) in a lawsuit to get the phrase off U.S. currency.


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Try These Biblical Pick-Up Lines on Someone

Mallory Ortberg, who frequently rewrites Bible passages for amusement, offers her list of prayers that would double as pick-up lines:


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An Atheist Explains Why a Secular Church Isn’t for Him

The biggest asset for the Sunday Assembly is also its biggest downfall: It resembles a church in many ways. The organizers want all the benefits of worship — songs, sermons, community, ritual — without any of the religious nonsense.

As I’ve said many times before, it makes for a wonderful stepping stone for people who no longer believe in God but don’t want to ditch everything they love about church. For atheists who didn’t like church to begin with, though, it’s a hard sell.

There’s very little overlap, I suspect, between the crowd you’d find at some random atheist convention and the people you’d meet at a local Sunday Assembly gathering. That’s not a bad thing in any way — just an observation.

John Rael recently attended a Sunday Assembly meeting in his area, and he really enjoyed the lectures and music… but he has no plans to go back. He explains why in this video:


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