Does Hell Exist? (Apparently, This is an Unsettled Question…)

The Big Questions is a BBC show that tackles you-know-what. The most recent episode asked “Does Hell Exist?

You can watch the show below: [Read more...]

Living Deeper Without God

The Skeptic and Atheists of Durango (in Colorado) along with the Fort Lewis College Philosophy Club recently hosted Dr. Dugald Owen who gave a talk about “Living Deeper Without God.”

They did what I would hope any local/college group does and videotaped the lecture so that the rest of us could experience it, too: [Read more...]

In Case You Wanted to Become the Next Pope…

This video runs down the method for choosing the next Pope — it’s actually very helpful with just the right amount of snark. If you ever needed proof that we just make this whole “religion” thing up as we go along, just take a look: [Read more...]

Christian Commentator: Pastafarians Are Mocking My Faith and I’m Offended

Larry Mendte of WXMI-TV in Michigan thinks religion is under attack.

His evidence? There are people who follow a newfangled religion called “pasta-fairy-ans”[Read more...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Mother: My Daughter is Going to Church

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I have read with great interest your advice to atheist teens coming out to their theist families, and I wonder if you have any advice to someone in the opposite situation. I am an atheist parent trying to deal with my college sophomore [Read More...]