Pat Robertson: If Your Baby Dies, It Might Be Because God Was Stopping the Next Hitler

There are a lot of well-meaning but obtuse things you can say to a grieving person after the death of a family member. Things like “He’s in a better place now” or “God needed His special angel home early” or “Everything happens for a reason” come to mind.

But it’s almost always clear that these phrases, no matter how unhelpful and even hurtful they can be, are well-intentioned. They’re meant to provide comfort. Because that’s what we attempt to do — even if we don’t do it well — when we learn that someone has lost a loved one.

Which makes Pat Robertson‘s recent comments all the more appalling. They’re so monstrous that it seems beyond the pale for anyone to think saying them would be a good idea.

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Franklin Graham, Who’s Boycotting Pro-LGBT Companies, Moved His Money to a Gay-Pride-Supporting Bank

I posted yesterday about how Franklin Graham told his Facebook followers to boycott LGBT-friendly companies:

He took his own advice, too. Upset that Wells Fargo used a gay couple in one of its ads, Graham said that the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association [is] moving our accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank.”

Turns out that bank is North Carolina-based BB&T.

And BB&T is actually a proud supporter of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade:

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Rick Santorum Draws Tiny Crowd at Iowa Campaign Stop

If the Rings of Power were running for office, they’d get a better showing than Rick Santorum did at a recent campaign stop — because the One Ring would at least guarantee the presence of both Sméagol and Gollum. Santorum, by contrast, showed up to find himself greeted by the head of the Audubon County Republican Party.

Just the head of the local party, as it happens.

Peggy Toft, group chair, was the only one waiting for Santorum at the campaign stop in Hamlin, Iowa. (Which, if you’re looking for a silver lining, is still far from the most embarrassing thing that shows up when you Google Santorum’s name.)

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An In-Depth Look at Hate-Spewing Christian Pastor Steven Anderson

The latest issue of Phoenix Magazine has an in-depth profile of hate-preacher Steven Anderson.

Reporter Jimmy Magahern does a nice job giving us more background into the pastor’s life than we ever get from his videos, but the most telling part was this passage about Juan Payan, one of Anderson’s parishioners:

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Why Don’t Christian Writers Know Why People Really Leave Church?

Holly Baer has a simple request for Christian writers: Stop trying to explain why people are leaving the church!

Or, if you’re going to explain the reasons, at least try to be honest.

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