Wichita Elementary School Takes Down Display About Islam After Conservatives Flip Out

When students attended the first day of school at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary in Wichita, Kansas last week, they saw a bulletin board displaying the core beliefs of one of the world’s largest religions: The Five Pillars of Islam.

As far as displays go, this one pretty unimpressive. And uninformative. There’s almost literally no useful information in that display. I mean, it doesn’t even explain what the Five Pillars are…

But somehow, conservatives found a reason to freak out about it. The Facebook page Prepare to Take America Back posted the image with a caption that made a factual claim with no basis in reality:

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He Did *WHAT* at Church Camp?! This Calls for a Very Harsh Punishment…

I know we’re talking about different churches here, but the juxtaposition is just appalling.

Yesterday, we posted about a Chattanooga church that kicked three people out of the congregation for supporting a family member’s civil rights as a gay woman.

Well, another Chattanooga church is *not* kicking out the pastor’s son… and wait till you hear what he did:

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Center For Inquiry Condemns Attacks on Coptic Christians and Muslims

You may have heard about how Coptic Christian churches have been under attack in Egypt — just read the lede in this Wall Street Journal article:

Osama Makram Amin woke to the sound of gunfire, looked out his window and saw what he says were young men throwing gasoline bombs at the nearby Coptic Christian church.

Awful stuff. Seriously awful.

The Center For Inquiry has issued a statement condemning the religion-based violence:

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Secular Therapist Project Helps Its 2000th Client!

Here’s some good news: The Secular Therapist Project has helped its 2000th client!

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You Can’t Submit to God

James Kirk Wall makes a lot of sense: Nobody has ever submitted themselves to God:

Did the ancient Egyptians submit themselves to god? They submitted themselves to a myth. They submitted themselves to a dead man’s definition of god. They submitted themselves to baseless superstition and false authority. They submitted themselves to their own interpretations and fantasies. And how are they different than the Jews, Christians and Muslims of today? They’re not.

Nobody has ever submitted themselves to god as every word that has ever been claimed to have come from god was nothing more than the words of men put into the mouths of invisible puppets. Puppets who hated who they hated, carried the same prejudices, held the same insecurities and possessed the same ignorance of the universe that was no more and no less than what was known at the time that they lived.

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