A Podcast That is Accidentally Relevant to Your Interests

As he handed me the keys to his blog earlier, Hemant kindly plugged my new podcast, which I launched in July, almost entirely for my own amusement. The gist was that I happen to know a lot of interesting and smart people, and gee, might it be neat to interview them, since I want to do a podcast anyway. Therefore, the Obcast was born.

When I set out on my project, my intention was to keep the potential topics of discussion as broad as possible, and not be just another skeptic show. [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]

An Example of Apologetics Leading to Nonbelief

It sometimes surprises me that more folks who study religion full time don’t become atheists. It seems to me that any critically-minded exploration of religion, grappling with the details of faith and myth, would have to lead a person to, at the very least, some very serious questioning.

That seems to have been the case for blogger Carly Jurica, whose minor in Biblical and Theological Studies began her journey away from acceptance of Christianity’s claims. “I was ending up with a lot of questions and very few solid answers,” she writes. [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]

South Jersey Clergy: Township Council Should ‘Muscle Up’ with More Sectarian Prayers

It’s possible that once the township council of Galloway, NJ (my hometown) had unanimously voted to allow prayers at its council meetings, a tumultuous subject was now more or less closed. It was not to be.

Some quick background: In February, I shared with you a thwarted-coming out of Michael Cluff, a secular activist with the South Jersey Humanists who had planned to out himself as an atheist at one such meeting with a short statement, but because of the way they had wound up running the meeting (holding the vote on prayer before anyone had a chance to talk about it), Michael never got to deliver his speech. He allowed me to reprint it later on Friendly Atheist, so it wasn’t a total waste. [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]

Edward Tarte Explains What He Would Say on His Deathbed if Jesus Visited Him

Be sure to check out Edward’s YouTube and Facebook pages!

[Link to video] [Read more...]

Indian Novelist Arrested for “Objectionable” Portrayal of Hindu God

Yogesh Master, an apparently prolific Indian author, has been arrested for what amounts to a blasphemy charge. In his new novel Dhundi, which is written in the Kannada language, the Hindu god Lord Ganesha is subject to “derogatory references” and is portrayed “in a highly objectionable manner,” according to complaints.

I’ve not been able to unearth any actual text, English or otherwise, of the novel in question, but according to Daijiworld Media Network, the complaints are that Ganesha is portrayed as “cruel” and “rowdy,” having an “illicit relationship”: [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]