The Mormon Church Shouldn’t Oppose Medical Marijuana

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why the Mormon Church shouldn’t oppose medical marijuana legislation.


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Billboard Company Cancels Contract for Sign Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy

Last week, I posted about a billboard that was slated to go up in Los Angeles. It called out the practice of “Disconnection” in Scientology, in which people who leave the Church are essentially shunned by those who remain in it, even if that means family members.

Thousands of dollars were raised during a fundraising campaign for a “Stop Scientology Disconnection” billboard on Hollywood Blvd.


Unfortunately, that billboard has hit a major snag: The billboard company Outfront has canceled its contract with former Scientologist Phil Jones:

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Would You Come Out as Non-Religious if it Meant Losing Your Scholarship?

Alright, how many of you are playing the religion card just for the money?


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Mythbusters in Four Minutes

You might have heard that even though a football game lasts three hours on TV, the actual gameplay lasts all of 11 minutes.

The same sort of rule applies to shows like Mythbusters (which came to an end tonight). It’s an hour-long, but the amount of time spent actually introducing the myth, testing it, and discussing the results is much, much shorter — even when you ignore commercials.

So here’s what an episode would look like without all the fluff:


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Inspiration Can Strike When Your Clothes Are Covered in Spit-Up

Guess what? I wrote about a completely different topic for a completely different website!

So if you’re interested in what a new dad thinks would make for better baby shower gifts, my article is up at Cosmo.


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