I’m Sure This is Just a Coincidence

While we’re at it, God must really hate Asia and Africa, what with all the non-Christians there.

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People of Color Beyond Faith Announce Community Outreach Drive

A coalition of atheist groups called “People of Color Beyond Faith” is planning to host a conference this October in Los Angeles to discuss matters of importance to Godless minorities — and they’re hoping to do some charity work as well:

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How I Left the Quiverfull Movement and Other Stories About the Loss of Faith

What is it like to leave your religion and embrace atheism? The more devout you are, the harder it may be. But Jonathan MS Pearce and Tristan Vick have compiled a collection of beautifully-told coming out stories in a book called Beyond An Absence of Faith: Stories About the Loss of Faith and the Discovery of Self.

In the excerpt below, Vyckie Garrison writes about how she broke free from the Quiverfull movement, beginning with a short description of her previous relationship:

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5 Lessons from a Christian Counting Workbook

Some advice for PR people: If you send me an email asking me if I want to review Bible workbooks for preschoolers, and you never bother to Google my name, then I’m going to say “Yes. Yes I do.”

So here are five things I learned from this biblical counting book:

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South Carolina Bible College President is Placed Under Detention for Slavery and Exploitation

The Good Book condones slavery and exploitation in multiple chapters and verses, so Reginald Wayne Miller, the president and founder of South Carolina’s Cathedral Bible College, can still be considered a true man of the Bible. But if the charges against him are true, there’s something else he deserves to be called: a felon.

A judge put Miller on home detention and had him fitted with an electronic ankle monitor just days into an ongoing federal investigation. The probe allegedly revealed that the former pastor habitually forced foreign students to perform non-academic work on the campus and at his home for a pittance or for nothing; pay ranged from $0 to $50 a week. Prosecutors say that Miller retaliated against those who complained or refused, by blustering that he would cancel their student visas, in effect sending them packing to their country of origin.

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