In Invocation, College Atheist Urged Florida Commissioners to Focus on Words, Thoughts, and Actions

Earlier this year, on April 28, Peter Wood of Florida State University’s Secular Student Alliance gave an invocation address at a Leon County (Florida) Commission meeting. Even though it’s been a while, I’ve been trying to post them all on here and the video just went online, so here you go:

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Paranoid Christians Are Utterly Wrong About Syrian Refugees; Here’s What’s Really Going On

If I hear one more person ranting about discrimination against Christian refugees in Syria and the resulting threat of terrorism, my blood pressure is going to reach unhealthy levels. I know I’m not alone. Unfortunately, encountering such xenophobic ignorance is probably inevitable. So let’s take a moment to count the ways these assertions are undeniably, indescribably, quantifiably wrong by pointing out what the facts actually reveal.

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Bakery Owner Puts Up Sign Telling Customers to Leave if They Don’t Want to Hear “Merry Christmas”

At Schuler’s Bakery in Springfield, Ohio, owner Trent A. Schuler wants you to know that he’s sick and tired of this politically correct nonsense:

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Catholic Bishops Release Anti-Pornography Report (As If You Were Expecting Anything Else)

The Catholic Church is a wee bit obsessed with sex in that they believe it’s only acceptable on their terms. No birth control because reproduction is important. No abortion because reproduction is important. No sodomy because reproduction is important. No same-sex marriage because reproduction is important. Don’t worry about physical attraction or orgasms because none of it has to do with reproduction.

Shorter version: “MAKE MORE BABIES, PLZ.”

This message isn’t new and probably won’t ever go away, but in an extension of this line of argumentation, the Catholic Church decided to get real specific. The Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a report that really isn’t surprising except for its tepid inclusion of actual science. Their target? Pornography.

We read it so you don’t have to. (You can thank us later.)

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Activist Wants You to Install Rainbow-Colored Festivus Poles in Your State Capitol Building

For the past two years, Florida activist Chaz Stevens has countered the Nativity scenes in the State Capitol building with a display of his own: An 8-foot-tall Festivus pole made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. It’s an attention-getting stunt, to be sure, but it also makes a valid point about how the government can’t approve certain religious displays but not others.

This year, Stevens is taking it a step further. He’s still applying to install a Festivus pole in the Florida Capitol. But he’s also started an advocacy group called the Humanity Fund that’s raising money to create and install Festivus poles in State Capitols all around the country.

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