A Redditor Who Said “Oh My God” Got This Corrective Letter From a Christian

After using the phrase “Oh my God,” Redditor PreepyCasta received this amazing passive-aggressive note from an anonymous Christian well-wisher:

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It’s All Part of God’s Weird Plan…

We’ve all been there:

Click over to see what God’s plan looks like.

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Religious Charities Are Preventing Raped Migrant Children from Accessing Emergency Contraception

“Why do you spend so much time talking about a God you don’t believe in?” The question is sometimes asked with genuine curiosity, but in my experience, it’s usually meant to delegitimize criticism of religion by casting doubt on the critic’s motives. Speaking for myself, the answer is simple… it’s largely because of the gut-wrenching prevalence of stories like this one, from Think Progress, that I’m vocal about my disbelief.

Examining the push by faith-based charities to prevent migrant children who have been raped from accessing emergency contraception and other such care, Esther Yu-Hsi Lee writes:

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Romanians Take Aim at Opt-In Rule for Faith Studies; Church Leader Says “Religion is the Most Profound Science”

Last November, Romania’s highest court ruled that students shouldn’t be required to submit a request to opt out of religion classes.

Instead, the justices said, it should go the other way: students ought to opt in, rather than opt out. Especially since the country is a secular state and there is no state religion, this seems only fair, right?

But imagine the consequences! If there aren’t enough pupils who enroll for any particular religion class, it can be cancelled! Much of Romania’s religious establishment — most notably the Eastern Orthodox population, which makes up more than 80 percent of the country’s 20 million people — is up in arms.

Public personalities, including actors, writers and journalists, have joined a campaign aimed at encouraging parents to enroll their children in religious studies classes in school. Parents have [until] March 6 to file a written request if they want their children to attend divinity classes in school.

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Leader of Amish Beard-Cutting Gang, Free From Hate Crime Charge, Receives Reduced Sentence

Without a doubt, the best religion story of 2011/2012 happened when a gang of Amish vigilantes illegally entered the homes of various brethren whom they accused of doctrinal impurity and forcibly cut the victims’ beards. It didn’t hurt the news value (or the comedy quotient) that the gang leader was a man named Samuel Mullet.

Mullet eventually received an eye-popping, frankly ridiculous prison sentence of 15 years, mostly because the prosecutors presented his admittedly inexcusable behavior as a hate crime.

A curious wrinkle in the case unfolded when Mullet and his co-convicts (all the others received sentences from one to seven years) were sent to different prisons; their lawyers argued unsuccessfully that this constituted cruel and unusual punishment,

… placing an overly harsh burden on their relatives, who, because of their religion, cannot travel by plane and have to hire drivers for car travel. For instance, for Mullet’s wife to visit him and three sons convicted in the case, she’d have to travel to Oklahoma, Louisiana and two prisons 160 miles apart in Minnesota.

The other day, the ringleader was back in court:

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