Canadian Food Bank Bans Volunteer for Questioning Requirement That He Oppose Marriage Equality

If you look up information about Winnipeg Harvest food bank, there’s really nothing on the website about it being a faith-based organization. But it’s affiliated with the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship Church and potential volunteer Richard Friesen was banned from working at the food bank because he dared to question the group’s requirement that he “respect BAF’s stand on marriage between one man and one woman”:

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Boston Seafood Restaurant Promotes “Pescatarianism” by Riffing on the Bible

In a series of television and print ads for the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain in Boston, the owners promote the religion of Pescatarianism with some biblical references:

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Atheists Ask Judge Not to Dismiss Lawsuit Involving Banned (and Completely Inoffensive) Bus Ad

More than three years ago, atheist Justin Vacula and the NEPA Freethought Society attempted to place the following ad on buses in the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) in Pennsylvania:

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Survey Says the U.S. Isn’t a Christian Nation… but I’m Not Sure What They Think We Are

A new survey published by LifeWay Research shows that most Americans don’t believe this is a “Christian nation.”

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The Daily Show Explores (Non-Existent) Discrimination Against Christians in Arkansas

Last night, The Daily Show aired a segment in which Jordan Klepper visited Eureka Springs, Arkansa to look into discrimination… against Christians.

For some reason, the pastor he interviewed had a hard time articulating why Christians have it so rough…

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